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  1. I'm in the "teach them young" camp. If you fill them with the correct knowledge early on, they don't have to make the mistakes we've already made. I think close supervision is required when mentoring or teaching a new swooper, even more so for those with less experience. -Rory
  2. kaerock

    paragliding forum in "related Sports"

    I second this one, it's something I've been very interested in for quite a while and I would love to have other skydiver's perspective on this related sport. It'd be nice to get a cross-over to paragliding resources and information. -Rory
  3. kaerock


    I've got a Voodoo V3 and purchased it early on in my jumping. One of the main factors I chose it was asthetics and fit. It was the most comfortable and naturally feeling and well fitting rig I had tried on...and I had tried on a lot of the big names (Javelin, Mirage, Wings, Vectors) The risers are well covered as are the pins and bridal. With the reserve pilot chute completely covered, you don't have to worry about snags like the exposed pop-top rigs. I enjoy packing it more than Javelin-style rigs. Packing the reserve is very friendly and straight-forward. The reserve spring will break your nose if you're not careful when packing it(strong is good ;>). You don't need a shock-cord to keep the leg straps together when you are in a sit, for example. It fits so well that it does not slide down your legs to your knees when you move around. I did have a problem with riser cover flaps popping open under normal use. It was slightly annoying and came to a head when it popped open in a head-down. Needless to say, it caused a mal and I had to chop. I called up RI and they said they had a fix, in a couple of weeks I got the mod and I got several pieces of fabric replaced and it completely fixed the problem. I can now say I am 100% satisfied...well except for the fact that I am ready to downsize (again) and a Stiletto 120 is very loose in the V3. I also got wider toggles, the thin ones were a little more difficult to jam your hands through after opening, big improvement. Wide leg-straps were a good idea too. My next purchase will be A Voodoo V1 or or V0, they fit great, they look great, their customer service is great. Who wants a big block or a cheese wedge on their back? -R