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  1. I'm laughing so hard right now .. The Democrats mindlessly marching in Goose Step for a loser!!!!!!! They have no will of their own. That's why people have lost their confidence in the Democrat Party. At least the Republicans can express their ideas and preferences.
  2. Maybe, but Probably not. If I tell the truth you will boot me... So I'll let you figure it out.
  3. If I share I will be given another 30 day suspension... So NO... It's everywhere.... An NFL players heart just stopped on National TV after getting JABBED a week earlier.
  4. You forgot to read the DISCLAIMER... rotflmao
  5. Well looky looky looky ... All hell is breaking loose about VAERS!!!!!!!
  6. No one has successfully Transformed from XX to XY... No one has successfully transformed from XY to XX ,..... FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!!!! There is no TRANS......Pretty simple really....
  7. She probably is ... he just comes out to shake hands with his imaginary friends.
  8. Hypocrite Biden was the KING of Fillibusters... Something else you must realize...
  9. Donalds is a great choice. First time I saw him speaking I said "That guy get's it!!!" Later I found out why!!! He's from Florida!!!!!!
  10. Donalds is a great choice. First time I saw him speaking I said "That guy get's it!!!" Later I found out why!!! He's from Florida!!!!!!
  11. Link to your sources......I'll wait.
  12. Bottom line .. DEMOCRATS LOST THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO.......The people just don't trust their judgement. McCarthy is just as guilty as Biden for taking laundered money (from the US to Ukraine to FTX and back to the politicians). I'm proud of them ... Clean House like we did here in Florida!!!!
  13. Once you link they will do their old trick of attacking the source rather than the information provided. It's their only hope of escaping the truth. There is no Climate Crisis. No one is drowning. You were correct on every prediction. They violate every rule...
  14. Back from my vacation just in time to show the truth I've been exposing ... Disney lost over $120 Billion dollars in 2022!!!!!!! Go Woke Go Broke.. There is no way Avatar can save them (Although it is better) Meanwhile my family made a pretty good profit on The Most Dangerous Game!!!
  15. You could say the same for YouTube or any of them. It's just an informational tool. I'll bet you use WIKI and it's the biggest source of misinformation on the planet...right? The Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, The Epoch Times, Breitbart, and several others have all been around for about 20 years or so. I like them. I do watch a series of Drs. on YouTube to escape the big lies. I'm not a mechanic but YouTube showed me how to fix my car. I hope Elon Musk buys YouTube and exposes their corruption as he did Twitter.
  16. If my son stands up to a bully bigger than himself and gets KILLED that was a stupid mistake. Negotiate PEACE... 300 more kids died today as Russia moves forward. REALITY COUNTS!!!!!
  17. Balderdash!!!!! You are proving my point ... All those thinning ICE VIDEOS were just scare tactics to get you to think that the oceans were rising at a dangerous rate to the point we were all going to die!!!! And the chart is a man made ESTIMATE ... Totally debunked now. Here the real TRUTH!!!!
  18. Live coverage ...
  19. You've had the Presidency, The House and the Senate and in the last TWO YEARS you didn't fix the problem? ROTFLMAO
  20. I'm advocating for Peace negotiations. War is Hell (And Hell is a Racket) Both sides profit if you are a politician.. It's the innocent boys conscripted to kill each other that bothers me. It should bother you.
  21. I've already done my research. Time for you to do yours. I have read over 100 books about the subject... It's impossible to provide a single link. here Oswald is witnessed sighting in the rifle with James Files.
  22. It's all gonna melt if you force Putin to use his NUKES!!!!!!
  23. I saw LONELY UKRAINIAN WOMEN ads on YouTube .. The Vampires are monetizing the death of all these innocent kids being put into the GRINDER!!!!
  24. When you started this did you expect Twitter to expose the Unconstitutional actions of the FBI, Big Pharma, and all the other crooks?
  25. Liberals when confronted with the TRUTH. The oceans aren't rising any more than normal...The world isn't any hotter than normal...No one is drowning from Climate change... The Coral reefs are growing like crazy...The movie "An Inconvenient Truth" has been totally debunked for over a decade now...(Although lefties still say it's one of the top three documentaries)... So many Polar Bears that they want a new hunting season for them. I have about 2000 watts of solar in my back yard and two E Bikes that I charge from them but even in Florida you can't realistically run everything on solar even if you had the money to waste. The Global Warming scam is exposed .... Don't be a monkey!!!!