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  1. Give me a break Joe the last can was warm!
  2. Is there going to be a separate landing area for swooping again this year? I will be holding try outs on Thursday night for a slot on the winning fish bowl team.
  3. Hey Joe, If we can't find the right size coconut we could always make a mold from your mouth, that always seems to be a perfect fit.
  4. Jimmy Coiner the Freefly, RW and now Swoop legend. I Can't keep up. Playing @ Eloy when we could still swoop.
  5. And why isn't the main canopy section filled out in your profile? Coming from the guy that should be 3/4 of the way to China by now as often you "Dig"
  6. No I just got a used 111 and it's not the orignal slider. The slider is a PD slider but not sure if it's the right size.
  7. Thanks, that was my next plan.
  8. I've been told that Velocity sliders are the same size on all models 79-120 is this true? If not does anyone know what the stock measurement of a Velo 111 slider is? Thanks, Nick
  9. A friend at my old DZ had the rigger make him a 2" wide strap with velcro on it. After he cacooned the canopy he would put the strap around it to hold the canopy and not allow it slide out when S-folding and he would undo the strap and take it off after he had the canopy in the bag. Although I gave him a ton of shit for not being able to pack without a crutch it seemed to work pretty well for him. Don't forget to take the strap off that would be bad. Nick
  10. I'd show up some weekends. Could probably drag a few people with me too.
  11. Yeah I guess you made it back to the grass maybe us NE boys can give you some pointers on swooping the pond!
  12. I had a rigger put a snap on my left mud flap and hook knife for $10.00 (same place as the Icon)
  13. If I where you I would hold out until you can't down size any further with that container. When I first started jumping I bought a new container and it didn't last very long because it got too big to hold the canopy I downsized to. Cold weather jumping, wear multiple layers (long t-shirts/sweatshirt under your jump suit) make use you can feel all your handles with gloves on and don't bulk on clothing so it hides your handles. Have fun freezing your ass off Nick