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    I bought my new Tri 120 from Aerodyne's 2005 stock for only $700. 2005 Triathlon is redesigned 5.0 version and it's supposedly diferent (and much better) canopy than previous versions, so be careful when you read any older opinions on forums. I fly on my Triathlon 120 with 1.3 wing loading. I've jumped other seven cell canopies before (Spectre 120 - 30 jumps) and Paratec Super-7 - 350 jumps). Here you have my first observations: 1. Triathlon v5.0 opens so sweet. Usually all seven cell canopies opens nice and on heading but this one is amazing! F....g amazing! Slower and smoother even than Spectre. Always on heading. Doesn't matter how you set your slider and nose. 2. Packing. Triathlons v5.0 are zero-P of course, but Aerodyne has changed material of ribs inside the cells to F111. It makes packing much easier. Even new canopy is not so hard to pack. 3. Flying. Triathlon v5.0 behaves very similar to the Spectre. I think forward speed is just a little slower, but turns are as smart as the same size Spectre. Can't say too much about glide ratio yet, but it looks OK. 3. Toggle pressure. Toggles are very soft and canopy dives stable even on windy days. I can't say it about Super-7. Spectre is also OK, but has harder toggle pressure. 4. Landings. Landings of course are not so high performance like some swooping constructions, but are very easy, stable and safe. Triathlon flares much better than Super7 and in my opinion just a little worser than Spectre, but it's more than enough. At the moment I can't write more abuout swoopings. Overall: It was definitely great deal! I can't say what is better: Triathlon 5.0 or PD Spectre because differences are too small and too subjective, but I'm sure that Triathlon 5.0 is at least the same class of canopies and I'm sure it's not worser. If you are looking low stress, safe and easy to fly canopy, Triathlon 5.0 is for you! I think my Tri is one of the best deals I have ever had.
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    Aerograd Kolomna

    I was in Kolomna two times for my skydiving vacation and it's amazing place! They have great aircrafts (a few An-28 and Mi-8 helicopter) and very friendly stuff. Toilets and showers could be better, but it's one of the part of russia. Restaurants are also big adventure, but food is cheap and delicious ;) The only problem is very poor communication via e-mail with DZ operators. We wanted to go there last year, but we need a visa to Russia and nobody wanted to send us an invitation sheet. This is why we decided to go to another place somwhere in Europe. They will work with these cons and they will have thousands of skydivers from diferent countries every year.
  3. In my opinion very important in camera suit is wide range of vertical speed. When you need fly fast, you can always do this (sit or head down) but the biggest problem is when you need fly very slow. Without big camera wings it can be very hard. Big wings you can alway collapse by moving your elbows to your body. In my opinion you should think about fast suit and big wings. C - wings are cool, because they work OK when you fly on your belly and you can sit fly under formation too. If you are going to sit fly on your camera suit, don't order booties. And last thing is safety. Big camera wings can be dangerous so you need some pull training before your first jump on your new suit. During free fall try to keep your pilot chute a couple of times on high altitude. Good luck with your new tony suit! Widget
  4. My weight is 70kg with equipment and I'm owner of Super Seven 135 wit 100 skydives with it. Openings are nice, but only when you cover nose of the canopy by slider. Flying is nice, but this canopy is very delicate. Landings are very nice and easy on good conditions. On high wind conditions or on turbulences don't touch front risers to land! It used to collapse. Conclusion is that it's nice and safe canopy but there is a few problems. You can buy if you have special ocasion, but if you want to buy 7-cell, just buy PD Spectre. It's little better construction.
  5. Hi, I have possibility to buy one of three models: - Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rabel) - Minolta 7Hi - Nikon Coolpix 5700 Which one would be the best for my camera helmet? Have you got any idea? Blues Skies, Widget
  6. I would like to buy Nikon Coolpix 4300 and Harbortronics Digisnap 2000 shutter. Does anybody have any experience with this model of digital camera in skydiving? Does this Nikon work OK with Digisnap 2000? Blue Skies,
  7. I bought this helmet in 1998. I made with it about 200 camera jumps. My opinion? Lost money. Attachment of chincup is very poor and I couldn't fly comfortable. I almost lost my helmet a couple of times. If you want to fly with cameras and not think about cameras don't buy it. You'll find a lot of much better designs on the market. Best Regards, Widget
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    Cypres is great tool. Easy to use and hidden somwhere in your rig, but is really too expensive during it's whole life time. Airtec is almost a monopolist in AADs and I think this is a reason. Costs of making cypres is not so big and Airtec shouldn't earn so much money on our safety. I have a few good engineers in my job and they told me that construction of cypres is not so complicated and price should be lower. This is why in my DZ only a few skydivers have a cypres.