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  1. Hey, I've been using it since 2009! Recently they have improved their construction a lot! I use my Multispeed mainly for AFF and camera but its good for tandems too. Choose wisely fabric material according your DZ temperatures! It worth its money!
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  4. Krasimir Bankov (Bulgaria) Sasa Jojic (Serbia)
  5. Its very funny to know that someone still interested in old round russian canopies! I've done about 70 jumps with UT-15 during my training,more that 20 years ago. In that time was mandatory to get through UT-training then start jumping with square canopy!!! Basically there is no much difference between second and fifth version! Some minor changes of the harness container, the toggles been moved over from back risers to the front risers ! The canopy is the same! Russians and most Eastern European countries take as a basic technical data the whole area of the round canopies,so UT-15 area is 50 sq.meters Pretty small IMO! The opening shock is tremendous! I haven't seen UT-15 opened for ages! Would be interesting if you share some pictures and videos!
  6. Thank you for the information guys! I appreciate it! Cheers! Rado
  7. Hi fellas, A colleague of mine needs for Spectra 725-4 spools! Do you know for any supplier or store with reasonable price offer in Europe? Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi again, Sorry for delay! Here are some pictures taken from my videos.You can see the floor and sill there.I use the gap between the sill and the wing making spotting. IMO its even easier in that configuration! Greetings! Rado
  9. Hello to the Middle Earth, I'm not staff TI of that Bulgarian DZ but I've done some tandems with that Piper Cherokee 6. Basically the pilot use GPS for spotting there.If you have any instructor on board, he can make a visual spotting through the door. As you said its easy to handle the passenger at the door during the exit!So you can use that plane for tandem operation! Greetings from Bulgaria! Rado
  10. skyrado

    Skydiving Bulgaria

    Our Dropzone is operating at Sevlievo Airfield. Distance from capital city of Sofia is 190km, 150km from Plovdiv and Ruse, 280km from Burgas and Varna and 60km from Veliko Tarnovo
  11. Several years ago I sank my FT-60 in the sea. I get in touch with Stephane from Viplo ,sent it to him. He repaired it and I have used ever since! My advice is: just get in touch with factory, and they do the rest.I'm very satisfied of their customer service. Good luck! Rado
  12. Hi! Several years ago a friend of mine had the same problem but with Argus.The reason for that was improper treatment during carrying inside the bag.I mean,if the display is placed in the back side of the rig its very possible to hit it during transport. Just get in contact with Cypres and they will resolve your problem! Fly Safe! Rado