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Gear Reviews posted by Blahr

  1. I love this rig. The ONLY downside was that it took a couple weeks longer to deilver than originally estimated but that is not a negative comment on the product itself so I'm not going to deduct any points for it.

    This rig fits better than any I have worn and even with large canopies and somewhat heavier was very comfortable. Video shows the covers stay totally closed in freefall.
    Nothing opened until I wanted it to.
    I think it looks great too. I'd buy another in a second.

  2. This canopy did not dive or turn or open hard. I had comfortable openings and on heading. The reviews that refer to these things as being characteristics of this canopy cant be correct because they didnt happen to me at all. This would tend to exonerate the canopy and place the blame for those things on body position.

    Nice opening, great responsiveness, soft landings.

    I'm keeping it :-)