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  1. Blahr

    32 hours in the Philadelphia penal system...

    Jesus dude I dont even know what to say. Glad you are home.
  2. Blahr

    WoW...I got demoted...

    I dunno, I think anyone averaging over 10 posts per day should be "Has no Life"
  3. Blahr

    I'm soo damn broke!!

    Well, using the Point Break method you would only need one jump from 4000 ft. That would give you 5 - 6 minutes of freefall. That should tide you over till you have more money
  4. Blahr

    I'm soo damn broke!!

  5. Blahr

    New mob

    His brass knuckles are no match for your light saber!!
  6. Blahr

    Who's playin hookie?

    I called out on Monday to meet with Dr. Porter. Couldnt do it today too :-)
  7. Blahr

    A question for the men....

    Most guys are dumber than football (most women are too)
  8. I havent jumped since Monday and MAN I'm a wreck!
  9. Blahr

    What, exactly, did Richard Hatch do?

    Survivor is dumb
  10. AAAAHHHHHH!!! Just the THOUGHT of my own mother pregnant with my child makes me feel nauseated
  11. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    Nah. Football is dumb
  12. Blahr

    I feel like poo.....

    Oh sorry, a Mexican soup made from tripe and hominy. GAH!!!!! I dont eat stomachs
  13. Blahr

    Water on Mars! (Humor)

    That was dumber than football
  14. Blahr

    I have a dilemma

    That seems kind of steep for the higher jump numbers. You can also check out other drop zones. They are not all priced the same.
  15. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    It isn't providing me with a living, but I do use the "interactive" excuse to justify the time I spend online too. You win a gold star! You forgot "It beats doing actual work"
  16. Blahr

    Am I Gay?

    Nope. The reason he was skipping is irrelevant. You see, he was skipping around his apartment. SKIPPING for gods sake!!! Then, to top it off, he announced that fact to the world. Any guy over 10 years of age that does that is definitely gay!
  17. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    Now you hit that nail right on the head!!! Survivor is dumb Average Joe is dumb Reality TV as a whole is dumber than hell Oh yeah, and Football is also dumb Television is dumb. Period. Amen! So is the internet, but its not as dumb as Football or TV. At least the internet is interactive and provides me with a comfortable living
  18. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    Now you hit that nail right on the head!!! Survivor is dumb Average Joe is dumb Reality TV as a whole is dumber than hell Oh yeah, and Football is also dumb
  19. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    Yeah. Maybe thats it. Oh wait a minute. No, thats not it. Good try though! No, wait a sec, nope. It wasnt even a good guess. Sorry. Also, you refer to the Eagles as "my" team. They arent my team. I dont have a team. The Eagles are dumb. The Redskins are dumb. The Cowboys are dumb. All Canadian football teams are dumb I couldnt care less if the Eagles win or lose. Actually thats not true. Matter of fact, I prefer it if they LOSE because its too annoying when they get close to winning something and everyone in a 75 mile radius of Philly start acting like morons and talking about "we" and "us" like they are actually in the fucking game themselves. Football is dumb
  20. Blahr

    Am I Gay?

    I'll have to agree with Skybytch here. You are definitely gay.
  21. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    I dont know that I want to be within arms reach of you at any other time either
  22. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    True.....I've never heard anyone who actually played the game call it "dumb". Don Never say never buddy I played 4 years of football through middle school and highschool. I was quite into it for a while. In my senior year occurred to me that football is dumb and I quit playing. In the 22 years since then I have seen nothing that has cause me to change this point of view. The hype and bullshit that surround the game, the players salaries, the fact that people get so rediculously worked up about it like it actually MATTERS, etc. These things continually reinforce my belief. I can go on and on. I wont though. Football is dumb
  23. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    I didnt claim that its dumb to others For my part, Football is dumb
  24. Blahr

    Football is dumb

    Man, my thread got hijacked!! Let me try to bring it back on topic... Football is dumb