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  1. My first post! I've always wondered with the currency: 1) In the comic, did the comic character ask for US or American currency? 2) Did the highjacker mirror any comic character quotes/dialect/phrases? 3) Did the highjacker mirror any comic character actions besides taking a ransom and jumping from a plane? I read he did ask for a knapsack like the comic. Finally, I can't seem to find any info to if the previous suspects had any accents, had the temperament to remain cool and calm, were polite, etc. Things like accents can be faked but not the ability to remain cool and calm when your adrenaline is surging. A while back I was working in Va Beach and would occasionally hit the bars with some Navy Seals including the night or two before they would deploy/leave for an assignment. They were all extremely "amped" up, couldn't sit still; none of ones I met would be able to remain cool and calm while in a bar. It's very uncommon for someone with their adrenaline surging to remain calm while interacting with someone.