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  1. akjmpplt


    Highs: Realizing everyday how wonderful my wife is, how supportive she is, how much she loves me and how much I love her. Lows: I have terminal cancer and might only have weeks left to enjoy her. SmugMug
  2. And you never know what the guy before you did with/to the airplane. SmugMug
  3. But should always be 10-15% of total trailer weight. SmugMug
  4. Having to shoot a guy that tried to stab me. SmugMug
  5. Looks ok but it's going to be noisy. Flew a couple 206s for quite a bit. One almost that stripped, the other with a bit of interior....the stripped one was painful without a headset. SmugMug
  6. You might also consider it's properties when burning. SmugMug
  7. I haven't flown either a P-38 or A-26 but I do have time in a B-24 and B-17. The control forces can be significant on airplanes of that vintage, there is no hydraulic or other assist. I would have concerns about someone that needs a walker to get around. SmugMug
  8. Interesting since the first year for the 182 is 1956. :) SmugMug
  9. I stopped a tandem master getting in my 206 one day with his leg straps no on. SmugMug
  10. That right there is the answer.... you get all those hours... for "free" that many parlay into better ratings and a real job with an airline..... Those "free" hours I'm getting I get only because I paid to get my Private and then Commercial tickets....they ain't free. SmugMug
  11. I'm surprised the FAA allowed him to fly the airplane. There has been lots of grief over that last several years just keeping the US built warbirds in the air. SmugMug
  12. Fake….and an old one at that. SmugMug
  13. Depends on the airplane. Landed the B-24 in Baton Rouge with 28G36 80 degrees to the runway…wing low to counter wind with the slip, rudder (and differential power) to keep the fuselage aligned with the runway. Of course the Liberator sets tall on the gear and doesn't have any of those disgusting kerosene burning things hanging below the wing. :) SmugMug
  14. Those new serial numbers were Air Force SNs, not builders. SmugMug
  15. Mustang production stopped in 1945. SmugMug