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  1. Nice CJ [;) I was sad Icause I couldn’t join you guys that weekend at wall… When I am thinking about low pulls which were done by my friends and by my self, I can only say that it happens occasionally and that common to all those pulls were the fact that we were 100% concentrate on that. I would never recommend to anyone to perform that, but we all know that this is part of the BASE too. all in all be careful and try to be convinced that you know what you doing! PS. I can't forget Jeb's WS low pull in CH few years ago! This one I need to find somewhere and post, because this was the shortest canopy ride I ever saw in my life. (have no intention to open the competition here, just saying -it was totally cool to see that) Robert Pecnik
  2. JaapSuter, I know ( in the way ) what yoiu ment, but... Following this theory we would be end up being in mddile century time still
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------- What if this is actually making the sport more dangerous, because people (myself included) are less exposed to the risks. ----------------------------------------------------------- ,,, so, the one who is driving the car with bad brakes would be safer, cause will be more exposed to the possible crash?! I do not get your point Robert Pecnik
  4. ...most important is that the PC size match the size which producer clame it is!!! Space, all is important. I strongly agree w what you said but, were is the problem to make the 42 and write on top that is 42?! To have perfectly made PC on top of the bridge of 250 ft in student hands, were the diameter is 46 written and you find that is 42 or 43 will change a lot of things in your and student head. You'll be confident that the 42 or 43 will work good, student will be convinced that equipment is super fine, cause you said to him so....mut the ??? how the jump will go.... To me, it is very stupid to make PC and put the size number that does not shows real size of PC. Regards Robert Pecnik
  5. Norwegen jumper died yesterday 24.03.2005.. After ariels some stability problems. Pull to late, hit the wall. Enough detailes for now. Condolences to family & friends around. Must be terible for all. RIP base brother Robert Robert Pecnik
  6. hello, Nowadays, wingsuits fly in range of glide ratio between 1.5:1 - 3+:1. Regardless of what kind of suit you wear in a skydiving environment, every type of suit is pretty much suitable for flocking. Flocking group is always adjusting (mostly) to the easiest-weakest flyer. Logic is telling us that probably the best suit for flocking would be the one with the best glide ratio, simply because that kind of suit can offer you more range. On the other hand the suit for acrobatics must be the suit which will have great roll speed (for example) and the part of the glide ratio will be sacrificed for sure. The question is how many people will go for it. Also, one of the misconceptions often seen in WS activities is that people distinguish the skydiving WS from BASE WS. That is quite funny because the BASE WS is a just more radical way of flying, but the principle of flying is the same. EVERY TYPE OF WS used in BASE is GOOD for skydiving. BASE environment is just harsher and require additional skills, like exit in no-speed, good ''transition'' skill, etc... New WS disciplines will certainly emerge in the future. How long it will take, it's hard to say, but I would like to say that development of the new types of WS will mostly depend on WS flyers needs. Regards PS. The suit under PHi name (post by Lou Dimond)is the suit made by me in February 2004. That prototype was cancelled by Jari after I've separated from BirdMan. Please don't mix this suit with the future BirdMan PHi suit. Robert Pecnik
  7. robibird

    Which gear?

    _________________________________________________ I think you are referring to the soft yoke option on standard Gargoyles. _________________________________________________ is not just that. the gargoyle you're talking about is also thinner and little longer suitable for canopies bigger than 245 sqft. I would say: perfect choice for canopies bigger than 245 no MDV, and for those who jump ''urban'' jumps , slider of and vented canopy with bigger bulk other stuff than WS. ...perfect choice for WS and ''normal'' rig in one!!
  8. robibird

    Which gear?

    ok, ok.... Please ring me , It's easier to tell than write you infoes... Is it OK now Dave?! Robert Pecnik
  9. robibird

    Which gear?

    daj me nazovi... neisam bas raspolozen za pisanje... Robert Pecnik
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    Which gear?

    Dave DW - Dwain Weston Mr.Stane Krajnc, the owner and the designer of the Atair aerodynamics was working very closely w Dwain on such type of the canopy for over two years. In honour to him he decided to ad his initials to name Troll. regards Robert Pecnik
  11. robibird

    Which gear?

    Well, many Q here... I'll give you my opinion and also some info about the Troll DW here. Obi, you are trying to find the most suitable gear for WS flying, right? Regardless of my personal preference (Troll & WXtreme) I want to say that as long as you have any BASE-specific canopy and pin rig on your back, you're gonna be OK and on the safe side. .......but, if you're really looking for more advanced stuff, here it is: Rig: Why WS Xtreme?! WX rig was designed for WS BASE on the first place. It has a low profile, it has upper closing loop like the skydiving reserve containers (keeping the low profile of pack, no matter how bad the pack is), it also has dynamic corners and spandex pocket and additional small pocket for securing a bridle (in case of using the PC pouch (like with S3, V1 suits)). You can get WSX with a soft yoke (no 3-ring) and in that case it is really comfortable, low drag rig. Other rigs: All of them are OK as long they are one-pin or two-pin rigs. Canopy: All you need is the non-vented, small packing volume specific canopy. If you need the canopy just for WS BASE, than the choice is easy. Take the canopy you trust in and that's it. If youre going to combine WS BASE and other low, sub, or high alt BASE jumps, it would be better to consider a canopy with secondary inlet (no need to explain why - it was said so much about that already). To make WS BASE or terminal tracking w vented canopy is 100% OK. Openings are sometimes a bit harder, which is better than dealing with snivelling anyway. An option to slow down the opening by using the small mesh slider is always there anyway. The bad side of having the vents for WS BASE is bulk, but that is a minor issue. The easiest way to avoid this bulk problem is to have two canopies ;o) I can't say much about other canopies than Troll, since I have done only a few jumps on Fox and Mojo. Troll: The Troll is on the market for over 5 years now. During that period, Troll has been tested and tuned in order to assure good openings and nice glides and landings to their users. The opinion placed by Tom a few years ago was based at the very first series of Troll canopies. This was solved by simply increasing the size of the cross ports. For over the 4 years Troll (no MDV) had no problems w slider off openings. There are some ''strange'' openings we can see on all of the canopies occasionally, both in BASE or skydiving and it will take many, many years to find all the reasons why something happens despite of all the knowledge we have. Flight characteristic of Troll are great. Glide ratio is the best I have seen in BASE so far. At the time the Troll was designed, the glide ratio and a good penetration into a head wind were the main focus. As we all know, sometimes the forward speed (in a full flight mode - not during the openings) could be a bad thing to deal with if the LZ is small and require a steep approach. Exactly that was the reason for making the next step in ATAIR. Troll DW is designed for tight areas as well, were the steep approach is required and at the same time the openings and the glide remains the same. regards Robert Pecnik
  12. only way to prevent the shape like ^ is bag or sleeve. fact is that on bad body position opening the multe offten makes the opening even worse. Robert Pecnik
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------- The first time I did a McCutaway (McConkey, then cut away and deploy second rig), Yuri told me quite firmly that it was not a BASE jump. Since I didn't leave the cliff with my rig packed, and when I did use a packed rig, I didn't leave an object, I didn't qualify. Of course, the next thing he said was, "but if you had fun, who cares?" ---------------------------------------------------------
  14. "Bones And Shit Everywhere" best one - no doubt Robert Pecnik
  15. The canopy on that video clip is TROLL 245 sqftstandard,(not MDV), were the profile follows the latest Stane's improved canopy design caled Troll DW. More about that one you may find if you ask Stane at or directly to Morpheus tech. however, I like them both
  16. …need to be said too. To flock the PF P+J is far away from being easy. The jumpers with the same body size, weight and skill will face the situation were the classic will be slower in both direction if it will be driven 100% while the PF P+J will sink faster but the forward speed will be faster too on 100% trotle . Again, all what is SIMILAR on PF and Classic is not the timing but it is the Glide Ratio guys… Robert Pecnik
  17. PF track pants & jacket can keep the average vertical speed around 55-70mph easily (when they are used by good tracker). There are numerous jumps I saw that. However, there is all, (and always) about the skill and the body shape anyway. One Question, how was the G.R. on that jump?! Robert Pecnik
  19. ...interesting... what to prove?! There is no suit which can make the one who has 200 lb to collect same seconds like one in 100 lb. What I need to do to prove you this?! Aerodynamics is very tricky but at the same time has very strict basic rules. If you only and always going for time during flying, you have good chance to get wrong perception of ws efficiency and probably will never really meet the ultimate ws performance of the ws you using. in contrary, Glide Ratio tells you all you need to know. True is that we are not the same, and while some like to flock , some like to fly time, but also some likes to fly max performance too. Also, those who know how to get max G.R., have better flights when they go for time too, simply cause they feel better. To get the idea about the efficiency of the suit the glide ratio is ONLY measure. nice day Robert Pecnik
  20. I decided not to offer my LQRS design option on the V-1 because it detracts from the appearance & aerodynamic profile of the suit and it also complicates the production process. Instead I have decided to use a zip extension handle. This involves a Velcro strap that is located on the leg of the suit, to unzip you just need to raise your heel slightly, release the popper, peel the extension handle and pull. It works really nice. For the BASE jumpers the zip used has a locking mechanism so you can leave the popper open for those low jumps and then use the extension handle easily post deployment. BUT remember the V1 leg wing is wide enough to land with in place (ok, not for swooping) and you can also get a good kick going for any line twists. Robert Pecnik
  21. boys, this will help to those who like to get more.... Ilan Kroo : Applied Aerodynamics-A Digital Textbook ( John D.Anderson,Jr :Introduction to Flight ( ,ISBN 0-07-116034-5) Robert Pecnik
  22. Hello, For all interested in new wingsuit from Phoenixfly, here is few information... The Vampire V-1 will be in production after December 1st. Orderform and description will be available on the next week Thursday. I will start taking orders on Decebmer 1st. I am sorry for delay but I was busy best regards and sweet flights Robert Pecnik