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  1. ***************************************** About max distance flying How does the 'dont strech your wings completely to not collapse the cells inside wings' fair when going for maximum distance in suits with hard mylar inserts in the wings? ****************************************** Regardless of Mylar ribs the wings should not be stretched. Two reasons why: 1. The inflatable wing is a ‘’live’’ object and since the leading edge ( most critical part on every wing in terms of generating lift ) is not a perfect shape, the WS pilots primary job is to allow wing to form by it self ( using pressure ). The only way to do that is to relax the center and trailing edge of the wing. 2. Every wing (even on the most simple wingsuits) has a so called angle of incidence (angle between ws pilots longitudinal axis and the wing chord in the wing root. If you stretch the wing fully, without feeling the result you will end up flying inefficiently. ****************************************** Because in those you can stretch the wings as big/wide as possible, and they will still have the perfect profile (and wont collapse?) like V1 (dont remember if it had multiple ribs there or only 1 per wing) and S3S? **************************************** Mylar ribs are not made to keep a perfect profile since they are only attached to part of the profile NOT the full length. It is only about 2/3 of the profile. (check out the V1 leg wing or S3S arm or leg ribs) Try to completely stretch the wing and you’ll see that mylar ribs will also distort as well. This is the most common misconception about mylar ribs. The Mylar does not help wing to start flying sooner nor does it make a significant difference to the wing performance (for flying slow or for distance) If your body position is bad or wrong the mylar could even work against you! Infact the primary reason for mylar on the WS is simply to reduce small vibrations of the trailing edge. Robert Pecnik
  2. Any helmet is better than no helmet. Just try to get the habit of heaving helmet on your head on every jump. Scars on the body are ugly ( even though some people like them) but to fix damage on face is very hard and expensive. Try more types of full face helmet and go for one. The worst is to jump without helmet, like most of Russians or French sisters and brothers However, that is personal choice Robert Pecnik
  3. 1600m to the beginning of the LZ. Robert Pecnik
  4. robibird

    Wich one?

    ________________________________________________ As for my risk assessment, I've already stated that I'm a pussy : no FF under 240' for me any time soon, you know I jump an Ace after all ________________________________________________
  5. robibird

    Wich one?

    Nicknitro71 I would like to know how many jumps you have on each type of canopy (non vented, vented, etc...) and what kind (terminal, sub terminal, go-throw)?! Also how many jumps in total you have now?! Your post sound very one sided, and therefore I would like to see the facts which support this. From my experience, there is only handful of base jumpers in the whole planet who have tried most of the canopies on the now days market enough time to make fair comparison. IMHO, jumpers buying the canopies based on advice given by their mentors or friends. Take care Robert Pecnik
  6. Air locked design is not the new concept. It was first seen in Paragliding and soon after was also abandoned because theoretical concept was not proved in practice. Actually, in skydiving the same thing happened. In short, there is no single good thing why this design should be used in BASE canopy design. Robert Pecnik
  7. Heat down!! Dynamic and sharpness of this flight are unique. Congratulation
  8. ITTW is just fine for jumper you asked. As long there is some experience jumper along w the student is fine. There is no wall or terminal jump site which can give you 100% safety. Therefore don't make the ''drama'' out of the ITTW place or any other slider up terminal jump. Yes , people were died there, and also died on other terminal jump places, but we know why, so all we need to do, is to be mature, keep in mind and teach the students to follow the common sense and rules set for ITTW or any othe place we jumping off. Each place has some difficulties we need to deal with so... be mature and do it!!! Robert Pecnik
  9. 160 km/h is the stall speed about. so... no for base suitable Robert Pecnik
  10. my god, you look so tired there on that picture!! take care space!! Robert Pecnik
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    cliff ?

    Jupia, I know this one. Remember that when you push hard on exit your legs wont be at the place were your head is. Have a fun R Robert Pecnik
  12. well, Vesa!!! Eat more!!! Mandatory from now on!! You are to skinny and light....
  13. Like all we doing in our life, it is all personal preference. I strongly recommend the PC pouch cause regardless of 100 of nice pulls fm BOC, the 101 can end up low with wing covering the PC. Not a big deal in WS skydiving but in WS BASE could be Take care & all the best to all Robert Pecnik
  14. loop to pc Robert Pecnik
  15. Luke; Trol 245; Prodigy=9 or 10 '', PC size - 36'' GTi = same as prodigy V1 = 10' ( if u using the PC pouch than go for 11 or 12' bridle) PC size 34-36 In general for lower objects you might consider to have 38'' as well. In general the PC's are oversized anyway. hope this is clearing all your ??? :) Robert Pecnik
  16. Kris check the PM Robert Pecnik
  17. It was Olov Axel Kappfjell. Confirmed in Norwegian newspapers. Olov was Thor Alex's brother who died 1999 in Norway My deepest condolences to his family and friends Robert Pecnik
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    my god, I see the reason why all of us pulls so low!!! No one can see the ground!!!! Does any jumper here has helthy eyes?!
  19. gargoyle / Troll You have the russian dealer for both!!! Regards robi Robert Pecnik
  20. _____________________________________________ As for the objects jumpable in Serbia and Montenegro, there are some possible Buildings, but for your case (first jumps) the ???? Bridge in MN would be just perfect, _____________________________________________ The MN Bridge is far away from being suitable for FJC! Lending and escape path is very bad ( doses not really exist, (in case of bad landing, broken bones, etc....) regards Robert Pecnik
  21. After all this not so educational posts about BASE in SiCG, Majki, make sure to contact Ljubisa about some issues regarding equipment and your personal qualifications regarding BASE FJC. Regardless of ''tremendous'' help provided by few people here, you'll be fighting the BASE problems mostly alone there in SiCG. To learn basics, you should at least find your own equipment first and than travel to some nice student object. Best regards Robert Pecnik
  22. Hi Majki, There is no BASE jumper in Serbia & Monte Negro as far as I know the situation there. The best would be to contact Mr. Ljubisa Naumovic. This guy was working few years for Relative Workshop in late 80's. His contacts are: telephone: +381 35 546 089 and e-mail: sky-naum@EUnet.yu He speaks perfect English, and probably he might know more about places were jump might be possible. Regards Robert Pecnik