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  1. Hi dudes, It's time for a change after 12,5 years working for Airtec. I will leave the company in a few weeks and focus on another activity. Something completely different, not skydiving related. A lot happened in the last 12 years, too much to list. It was fun to work at Airtec. I met a lot of people in a lot of countries, many of you became friends. I wish you all the best. I'm sure we will meet somewhere in the future or stay in touch. The world is small. Your contact at Airtec for future technical and rigging questions is Juergen Sennert, some of you might know him already. Email adress: [email protected] His nick is airtecjuergen Ciao, Kai
  2. Gruezi, The "Arrow" was from Paratec in the early 90's. It's a conventional 9 cell F111 canopy, which has no big surprises except the openings, which can be very sporty. It was no big seller, this should be a hint for you. It's an old design and has nothing to do with the canopies Paratec manufacts today. Blue Skies, Kai
  3. Hi, I would recommend to be very careful and not to order anything beforehand. I doubt that there are 50 skydivers in one club who need a VX, as the Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub is from my knowledge the only club in UAE. At you find contact details, might make sense to ask. If there are 50 hungry VX pilots in UAE, they know them Case of beer when this inquiry is real. Good luck , Kai
  4. Here is a link to download a higher quality pdf: Blue Skies, Kai
  5. Hi there, As this question was asked a few times in the past, we made a short "Tear Drop closing loop info" today. Please have a look at the attachment. Best regards, Kai *Edit moaned about some spelling*
  6. Hi Marcus, Problem on Sunday, posting on Monday ? L&B have an excellent service, I'm sure they will help you very quickly as soon as they hear something from you. Give them a's worth it Cheers, Kai
  7. Hi Karim, Please send us the Cypres, it's maybe easiest via Uffes Hopp Shop. We will take care of it. The repair of your 7,5 year old Cypres1 is of course free of charge. Best regards, Kai
  8. Hi, I choose the " explain below " option. It's interesting to read that " Till it dosn't turn on" is considered as the only possible problem of a life-ex AAD. First and before this, the AAD has to work always correctly until it reaches it's expiration date. This is not easy to achive and requires a lot of efforts. If "it dosn't turn on" would be the only possible problem, there would be NO issues with AAD's at all. Please think. If you are interested in a little bit more background, this might be interesting for you: Blue Skies, Kai
  9. This is a "Campus" container from PdF. Quite experienced exemplar on the photos. The double RSL system is called LOR 2. It works.
  10. Yepp, I have. Please contact me by Email. We will get things fixed. Blue Skies, Kai Koerner Airtec GmbH
  11. Hi Travis, "Aging" is a process to bring parts into a most stable condition. It's treating components over a longer time f.e. in a wide temperature bandwith. The intention is testing and to provoke (hidden)failures before the parts are used in production. When a unit is completely mounted, it goes again through an "Aging" process. It's to avoid the early failures which are typically for the so called bathtub curve The factory maintenance is a very effective tool to keep a Cypres at the bottom of this curve as long as possible and reasonable. Regards, Kai
  12. Hi, Please email me the serialnumber of your Cypres. I will check it immediately tomorrow morning and come back to you. Best regards, Kai Koerner Airtec GmbH
  13. No worries. I was the guy who you saw on the 14th of January 2006 at the Dutch Rigger and Instructor Symposium. I don't remember to have been "bursting to tears" ? I state that it's not wise to switch off an AAD after canopy opening, no matter if this is done automatically or manually. Too many fatalities BTW the scenario "as now described" has never changed, it's still the same . An RSL or Skyhook would indeed help. But not if you havn't got one - then you have at least 15 seconds time to wish you had one while searching that handle - or an AAD which is still on. Regards, Kai
  14. Sorry, you didn't get it. The reason for that Cypres save was NOT the collision, it was the reserve handle which was not found and pulled after cutaway. Nothing to do with 4 way. It was a "cutaway failure" incident, which is a steady size in the statistics and was often enough reason for fatalities or Cypres fires in the last 15 years. Skydivers of all disciplines and all experience levels have been affected. Best regards, Kai
  15. Quote .....First thing he told me to do was to slow down. We focused a lot on technique and a lot on getting me to fly a consistent landng pattern, this is after all an essential part of canopy piloting..... ---------------------------------------------------------- EVERYONE is a canopy pilot. No matter if under a Manta 280 on the first jump or after 1000's of jumps under a heavy loaded crossbraced canopy. After initial training, skydivers often choose to work on their freefall skills first . The canopy skills are not trained specifically. Experience is gained - but this experience is not enough when something unforseen happens. The latest fatality in France made me think about something which happens too often. A skydiver under a good and conservative loaded canopy dies on landing after a low turn. As a student, what do you hear most on the radio when it comes to landing ? " Arms up, arms up - half brakes - flare" ( or similar) You learn that it is very important to land against the wind and that the landing works best when you convert forward speed into lift ("Arms up...) If the initial training is finished and the first own gear is used, this scheme continues. The skydiver does not know different. How often do you see beginners who fly seemingly VERY safe landing patterns. Arms up - left toggle - arms up - left toggle - arms up final - arms up - half brakes - flare. The performance range of the canopy between full drive and full flare is only used for seconds. If the unexpected happens ( somebody crosses the landing pattern, or maybe only the wind direction has changed) the skydiver CAN only react in the way he toggle down...full flare (if at all)... too late. There is (was) no"plan B" available. A canopy piloting (or call it handling) course with a qualified instructor will cover what you are looking for. Don't be afraid that you will be forced to do 270°s. Go there with the intention to learn about the full range of your canopy. Learn a lot of useful things and practice them, like f.e. flat turns in brakes. Then you have a plan B when things go wrong. Canopies which are considered today as a good first canopy are much hotter than the stuff really experienced guys had 20 + years ago. A Raven 1 (181sqft) was the ultimate weapon, believe it or not. They are also less forgiving. Please go to a canopy course as early in your career as you can. You wouldn't feel comfortable either if you would have to drive through a city only with the two options full throttle / full brakes. Blue skies, Kai