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  1. Every single skydiver teaches every single student. Don't you see us students standing out there with sore necks and squinting into the sun to watch you do what it is you do so well? I'm not saying that you should be banned for what you do, or have done. Not at all. It isn't my call to make so it's none of my business. BUT - Please don't ever think that simply because you are not an instructor that you aren't setting an example for students. I hope - and believe - that the vast, vast majority of students are smart enough to listen to their instructors and to not try some of the wacky shit you do. I also believe that if some student with 5 jumps tries a hook turn and drills himself 10 feet into the ground that it's his fault and not yours. Stupidity would have gotten him one way or another; parachute or no parachute; Crazy Larry or no Crazy Larry. A large number of people are always going to be fascinated by what you do. Fascinated because it appeals to them or fascinated because it scares the shit out of them. When a student (or anyone else) asks how to do a hook turn, rather than shut them down or refuse to answer, it only builds mystery and appeal. How about talk to them on why do do them, how hook turns are used in competitions, how hook turns can turn deadly in even the most experienced hands, how you learned to do them and from who, why you love them so much, etc. If you answer a question that wasn't asked but is closely related, most people never catch on. Just one student's thoughts... Thank you for a great perspective, well worded unlike the title I had on this thread. I'll share with another fact of the fatality that day. So, he was married, 2 kids, wife, retired marine, policeman, an all around badass, much respect. He had 2 identical rigs with 1 out of 3 backup devices on his rigs. He had reserves, no rsl, no aad. I ask myself why. I also believe a silver D handle would've prevented him from bouncing and me being banned. sorry, it's upsetting to say the least.
  2. Can you give more tribute to the deceased than fly over than land safely? Besides my little problem at Elsinore, they did do a tribute of sorts. At the funeral the dzm was dressed to party along with a few of his cronies they were dressed for a luau type party. Many military personnel were there in dress uniform, many police, many friends and family dressed proper for the occasion. Remember this fella had 2 kids and a wife left behind. At the dz it ended up that the wife did her first tandem jump spreading her husbands ashes. Cool huh. BS. So who was there to take care of the kids had she gone in too? Hammo? Karl? Tributes were made , and a few were disrespected.
  3. At Houston Skydiving Center (now Skydive Houston) hookin' & swoopin'! I bet you were, and going to grateful dead concerts!
  4. You can be my translator as a few others have. Hammo's words " you are not welcome here any longer" . Now John D. did ground a fella that same day for crossing the crime scene line. He was grounded for the day.
  5. This thread was intended to be about exactly what the title said. As threads continue to be posted on, tangents happen, posters stray from the thread title. Sorry. Along with the new title I still would like to have discussion about 'Should hookturns be banned'. People get banned no doubt. The hookturn is still there. Person alleviated , problem not alleviated.
  6. No idea, but i have some great news! I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance! Oh and the pond swoop is this weekend. Oh ya! Ya gonna compete? No choking this time! You know your good at rip'n that pond. By now you've been in enough comps to shake the comp anxiety and have fun swoop'n pond. Am I right? Get U some bro! And tell your Russian friend that also wears yellow and the crome helmet that Crazy Larry says have a good time and rip it up! And to Pya, get some water this time girl and I mean just on her toes yo! and if you see the fat man and his lipy wife, tell them I miss their hospitality. Going to the dentist right now and then to wrap up some tour gear, Later
  7. yep the batwings added a different and cool looking color for parachutes and flew pretty well too. I know i've been in trouble after having oodles of fun so many times, it's all been worth it. Hookturns are still black death man what you talking about used to be. i'll connect so many tricks andlay down a black death low down and dirty in the right conditions with so much exhileration and control that even the old hookturners that are left will drop there jaw and say. wow, that's black death.
  8. Pond side. Greg, go to the safety and training forum theres a thread i did about hookturns, the story is in there.
  9. It’s not the DZ’s call. The body will stay put until the coroner is done with his/her investigation. It’s that way with a fatality in a car wreck a plane crash etc. Sparky That's right. Sending loads is the dz's call. That's why we were there to jump our asses off. I had 12 jumps to do and going for it. It'd been a little different had homie bounced down by the lake or in the lake, the landing area at the dz would've been clear but that was'nt the deal. Homie delt with a mal till he was over the landing area near the pond then took up another chunk of the landing area. If your gonna go in at Elsinore do it away from the landing area so others can continue to jump and not get banned for landing within a ahalf mile of your dead corpse. That's part of what I learned from this experience. And the corpsman will take as long as they need.
  10. Sorry for coding, really. I had to wait 10 years to sit and chat with somebody able to grasp what I was doing before. Simply because I was ahead of a time, hence misunderstood and lonely. By saying "we're not there" I meant - your asking seems futile because most of "us" can only dream of such jumps#/Uturns# and worse - some are frightened! (not me... yet) So, it's like Billy Gates asking some corner salesmen for Wall street advice. I wish you luck but expect no good answer unless in person with your kind! __________________________________ as soon as I get my dz ur wellcome I here what you mean. I'm fortunate to have been able to reach such high numbers in skydiving. My skydiving bill since I started is somewhere over $200,000. Have no real complaints about the journey. learned alot about people, and a little bit about skydiving. Still learning. Got a hand full of friends out of the soon to be 17 years of jumping avidly. Made haters out of several skydivers. Mostly riggers who were doing some wierd rigging and ex girlfriends, had my share of arrogant a-holes. Have given back to many a skydiver, saved several lives. Done alot of canopy flying. I learned static line jumps first which was a big help I think for learning to fly and land the parachute. 10 second delays were really exciting. getting over 4500ft was exciting. Thanks for inviting me to your future dz and not banning me before you open your future dz.You may find on these forums that there are jumpers of all levels here. 100 jump wonders, newbies, and 6000 jump wonders like me. Some may wonder what i'll do next in skydiving. I'll let you know a secret, it'll be fun , exhilerating, ruthless, powerful, playful with skills,dreamy,smooth, ending with a hardcore outrages as if it were my last time series of speed building manuevers to launch my soul at the earth at a high rate of speed and glide along the edge of heaven and hell very possibly with one foot above my head and one foot making a trail in some hard packed dirt kicking up a rooster tail with my ass about 2 inches off the ground cruising at over 60mph just for my own selfish flight of fancy. Why? 'cause that's what I get off on. That's my adrenaline sport. After sliding to a comfy smooth stop and casually picking my canopy out of the sky not letting it even touch the ground, it is then that can feel my heart beating, can feel the thick blood moving through my arteries and veins, body vibrating occasionally trembling. Brings clarity and relief to my senses. I will be satisfied. That is why, my satisfaction is guaranteed, i'll make sure of that. and then i'll get on a 20 minute call to give it another shot. Dream on li'l bird dream on.
  11. citation? I've never once in my life, had a carryon that weighs less than 30 lbs. Laptop, powersupply, and assortment of USB drives alone weigh 20 lbs. Plus my rig. Like you, i've taken on alot more than 15 lbs. I'll end up with close to 50lbs carry on usually.
  12. They told me it was just detention for the day.... not banned forever were you? Never mind I just read in another tread perma-banned. Sorry to hear it Loco. Apparently no bird flock tryouts or record for me vectorboy. I'm a banned bird from Lake Elsinore. Not banded bird like Mel. Hammo's got some people banded (in the possie club) and some are banned like me. Just go to Perris and if you ask around you'll find the banned from Elsinore are there. I just made the long list, surprising. I'm on the list to be called for when Elsinore 's last day of being a skydiving center is. I plan to be there. The people will reunite. I'll go back there when Hammo leaves. If they still have a swoop pond.
  13. I am NOT advocating people toss out monster turns in traffic. In fact I don't think you should toss out more than about a 90 unless you are basically by your self (alternate landing area, first down on a 182 load with only two other midgets, low pass, etc). True dat. Go with the flow in traffic. But if I go clear airspace, can I go crazy with however big I feel like going with my final final final approach. I might like to do a series combo to get it going on and then slingshot into an elegant swoop landing with the greatest of ease on my feet. But in traffic, dude i'm going with the flow.
  14. The perceived advantage (from a collision point of view) is that in a 180, you can see early enough into the turn to bail and land crosswind (or whatever) if you've made a mistake and the airspace you would be entering is otherwise occupied. This isn't so easy for a 270/540. True
  15. That is if you were in straight level flight the whole time. I like 180's for flying over the same path i'm gonna take after the 180. I still think a straight up 90 degree pattern has a good place at a dz that should encompass most of the dz and an area for high performance pilots would be sweet.
  16. Certainly, and am still welcome at all 50+ dz's i've visited other than the 4 mentioned. Actually, the one in Houston will allow me again so it's 3 dz's not welcomed at. Well, maybe i could go back to mile hi since Jeff Sands flew he and another pilot into the ground killing them both.
  17. your good! Good explanation but still how come no one yet has a description of what a 'hookturn' is that is so easy to grasp? It's like describing a feeling. the packers I know are'nt poor. So far every single jump i've done i've held onto the education I got the very first day, flare. You know what that is? Same as 'application of toggles low to the ground in order to recover level flight to avoid impact. Same or not? Same. If you flare in due time before impact you walk away. No flare= broken and/or beaten by the earth and/ or death..
  18. I did'nt know about the hookturn allowance on dz locator. never used dz locator, thanks thats a big help.
  19. hehehe me too. Is the Ranch on the list? me thinks that will have to do with who holds the conch at the ordained time that you show up.... I kinda still miss having you around :-P BTW I did a solid on that camera suit bought one that actually fit and gave that one free of charge to Dirty D... Cheers Dave Dude, sweet. I had heard that you gave the suit to dirty D. Got me stoked for dirty D and your good karma points. Glad your suit fits. Tony H and dirty D are closer to size than you and Tony H thats for sure. Ya, and I get the 'holder of the conch' deal. Still got money on my account there cause i'm gonna come back and jump for fun sometime instead of all work and no play. Worked my ass off there. Had some fun but not like I could have. There's some serious talent at your dz. The size of the bonfires, hell ya. People were fun and friendly till Ms. A type went all emotional on me and I just did'nt take her emotional crap. Sorry, I liked it there to. Gotta love JoeBird. Think'n back, man there's a bunch of people there I really like. Let me know when A type and her man are going on vacation. Maybe the conch will be left behind and i'll show up to hold it. cheap flights from right up the street from where I live to jfk.
  20. You don't think this speaks loudly for less-than-rational judgement? Uh, about speaking loudly. There was and has been non of that. And will not be tolerated. Do you think that the dz should be sending airplanes up when there is a fatality in the landing area that had been there for over 3 hours? They put the crime scene tape up around the fella. I never crossed that line , nor came close enough to that line to cross it. But I heard later that day as homie is into his 5th hour in the sweltering heat under a tarp in the landing area with a crime scene tape marking his area, a jumper landed so close to the crime scene tape that he tripped and fell right through it the tape and into the crime scene area. He did not get banned like I did. I never heard any announcemnts prior to my jump that any other landing area had been closed. A crime scene tape, it's pretty obvious that you must heed that space and don't even go there. So I did'nt. After I had landed they were making announcements and later that day a jumper actually crossed the line? Are you kidding me? The body is still laying in the landing area and the dz is putting up loads?! That's sounds quite f**ked up right there! Why the hell was the body left there for 3 hours anyways! Was retarded. So close to the loading area. The last plane I was on we loaded the plane was facing away from the lake. As we turned onto the runway he was so close, it was so frigg'n eerie. Was also over 120 degrees in that airplane. I said out loud ' we're all f---k-n nuts, we're all crazy, don't even know why he did'nt make it.' They say he was out there for so long because of being a police officer and with that is a lengthy investigation. I did'nt want to jump I wanted to leave and then vroom we took off. I jumped like a dumbass selfish skydiver and made the most of it as if it were my last. Had no idea it would be my last at that dz because i'd be banned. In hinesight, I put a little blame on the dz for lack of announcements prior to sending that first load after homie bounced. A little blame for sending loads while a fatality is well so close to the people and in the main part of the onlly other proper landing area other than the main landing area. Mostly blame myself for going through with jumping while being smack dab in the middle of a traumatic situation.
  21. i think your missing the point of what everyone is saying here Not really looking. Just gathering opinions. Also gathering data on dz's I can jump at when i'm on tour and which ones I can't if I want to have the freedom that skydiving has given me for such a long time. Don't care to blame anyone but me, it's my fault that I skydive and do outrages gnarly hookturns. Sorry, the way I do an approach to landing IS very hazardous for anyone else, I would'nt suggest it. In the past jumpers have ask me to teach the art of hookturns and I declined everytime, why do I care to teach anyone how to do the one thing in skydiving that is the most major killer of skydivers. I was told I was the example. That's one reason why I never became a rating holder. I'm a fun jumper. I pay my way. My cameras have paid for many jumps in which i've done hookturns. I don't teach students, i'm not their example of how to land a parachute. Although have you ever seen an instructor doning a hookturn prior to landing?
  22. Your the first to post about 'unfair' . Your also the only one who has taken a general appraoch and an all encompassing of all posters thoughts to come up with your post. There are major defects in what is in your post and what is in this thread. hangout you might learn something from an avid hookturner.