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  1. Amazing - thanks, these will be super helpful. Interestingly I don;t remember ever seeing the color photograph! I remember the Gulch shirt - and another black and white photo (which was more of a close up of the hand). Thanks!
  2. I have been out of the scene for a hot minute (also had to create a new account as I cannot even remember the email I used to set up my original account). I had a picture of both the "mumified" hand and one of the shirts many moons ago - currently looking for it as I was planning to use it for a personal project of mine. Remember it seeing it posted on here years ago - did some digging but it appears all the relevant attachment files are since unavailable. Also been looking for the picture through all my old hard drives and unfortunately just cannot find it. Was wondering if by any luck anyone on here might still have a copy somewhere and would be willing to share it with me? Would be willing to show my gratitude by donating to a cause at the finders discretion. Thanks! bsbd