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  1. Get your shoulder fixed prior to skydiving. Your life depends upon it. I had the same problem with my shoulder. It dislocated once in freefall, and I struggled in getting to my pilot chute. Too many things can go wrong. You need to be in good physical shape to skydive. Its an extreme sport. That's the bottom line.
  2. After all these years, my ripcord finally has been found! Did you find my main too?
  3. He also did commercials for the local Bloomington car dealer in Minnesota. Lived right down the street from my Junior High sweet heart, Karen Mortensen, aka Mort.
  4. Ok, for the sake of saving my own life, Jim Marshall, is not stupid. He just had a couple of "off days" when he ran to the wrong endzone and shot himself with his own gun. But for my own safety, I'll remain in Utah, and stay away from the DZ's. Sorry Jim! FaceBook me! Love, Pete
  5. Would it be fair to characterize YOUR entire life by one stupid moment you've done? Of course it's fair, but only if is posted on!
  6. Good point! In my brief Google search, he also picked up a fumbled ball and ran to the wrong end zone...Doooh! No matter how hard you try, you just can't fix stupid!
  7. Good thing he never deployed his reserve into a malfunctioned main! (Not that I know of anyway). Pete
  8. I use to live down the road from him in the late 70's, in Bloomington Minnesota. His kids went to Olsen Jr high. I skydived at Stanton Minnesota and Baldwin, Osceola, Alexandria, and one or two times at Superior. I never heard of Jim Marshall jumping. Google it! Pete I just Googled it. 1965 there was an article saying he had 50 or so jumps and participated in demos, but due to playing football for the Vikings, he decided to put it on the side line. Get it? Side line...God I crack myself up!
  9. John Kildahl wore a Jerry Bird, front mounted, hand deployed reserve. He jumped a Dactyl and an old 5 cell, I think. After I moved from Minnesota, I lost track of many people. I now live in Utah and enjoy sit skiing/mono-skiing, due to my paralysis from a hang gliding accident. We had good times while sitting around the bond fire burning rail road ties and telling lies. I really enjoyed the jumps into Lake Calhoun every summer for the aquatennial. Keep in touch! Pete the Pup!
  10. History only becomes interesting to "young pup" after they become "old-dogs." Pete the dog, aka, pup!
  11. Formation flying caused additional dislocations in my left arm. I had to resort to steering and flaring my canopy with one hand. Have a plan B for backup in the event you dislocate your shoulder in freefall, especially in an emergency. Pete
  12. Back then men were men and women stayed at home! Love those down wind landings with the legs extended outward. Ouch!