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  1. SCR10480


    Stolen from buyer's doorstep in Laurel Maryland. Delivered via UPS on 8/4/08
  2. SCR10480

    Biggest Screw up?

    With 102 views, and zero replies...I might say that your question is the biggest "screw up" I've ever seen.
  3. SCR10480


    I have been waiting to add my review of the Vengeance, until I had a few jumps on it. Not that I don't appreciate the reviews written by folks that have made only 10 or 20 demo jumps on a canopy, I's just that the "personality" of airlocked parachutes don't fit the common mold. Even though the Vengeance is often compared to the awesome Stiletto (what elliptical isn't)? I have found them to be, at best, distant cousins. If you have read the other well written reviews here, you've noticed a common theme. Openings with the VN require immediate attention, (from line stretch to slider stow) if you want to have anything that resembles an on heading opening. If you try the "shoulders level, hips flat and feet together" routine, you're gonna get a very scenic ride! One really needs to be on the rears as soon as the Vengeance is out of the sack. Once your Vengeance is out of the bag, and you have it settled down...Oh Baby! What a ride! I disagree with the reviews claiming that the Stiletto turns faster. My stiletto needs to be "told" to Vengeance seems to read my mind. I have found the VN to be both more responsive, and quicker to enter turns and dives than my ST. Riser pressure is also noticeably lighter on the VN compared to the ST. And as noted in other reviews, the VN will continue to dive, until told to do something else...where my Stiletto will recover on it's own. When it comes to stability? Well, the Vengeance is in a class by itself. I jump in the "High Desert" of Central Oregon, and we get some pretty nasty air during summer. I've had my ST do some really weird stuff in the trash, and even had it "drop" me a few times. My VN on the other hand, gives me a rougher ride, but is always on top and immediately controllable. Yes, in moderate ground winds airlocks can be somewhat embarrassing to gather...just follow Germain's instructions, and get over yourself! Look at it this way: If your friends aren't teasing you about "folding your air mattress" they will find something else! Airlocks: "Rock and Roll is here to stay" (Brian Germain)
  4. SCR10480

    Risers and packing techniques...

    The risers are tied together to insure that they are even when the lines are stowed. This helps to promote more on heading openings.
  5. SCR10480

    canopy packing volume over time

    "I doubt the packing volume will significantly change over time" And right you are! The amount of fabric you stuff in the sack doesn't change. The ease with which you get it in the bag does. As the canopy is used, some of the "SoarCoat" is scuffed up, and makes the fabric less slippery, and the seams stretch allowing you to squish more air out. It may seem that the canopy is getting smaller, not bigger.
  6. SCR10480

    Central Oregon Sky Sports

    While arranging an outside event for a local recovery group, I chose CENTRAL OREGON SKY SPORTS (541) 420 0038 to host our event. Several of our members had never even been in an airplane before, much less jumped from one. As you can imagine there were a million questions I had to answer, and as many more I needed to ask. I was no longer current in the sport when I arrived at the Madras Airport, but was made to feel like I had been jumping with them for years. I took a VERY well taught refresher course conducted by Mark, and made three one on one jumps with him before being released on the general public. I still enjoy an occasional jump when Mark is on the load, (when he isn't teaching) and I am sure that someday he will stop covering his head when he sees me approach the formation! (Self preservation is hard to overcome) Annie has a quick wit, and isn't afraid to use it...bring your sense of humor, and make sure it's still in date. Bob and Mark are also prone to a little verbal sparring, and all the regular skydivers (if there is such a thing as a "regular" skydiver) are quick to get in on the action. Wanna have a lot of fun, and not feel like an outsider? Call them up today. EFS! Pigpen
  7. SCR10480

    Eugene Skydivers

    Imagine the surprise of visiting a Drop Zone for the first time, and being greeted by a barking, fatigue clad woman wearing foliage on her, granted, some men like a woman with a nice "bush." But this particular vision of femininity was atop a picnic table appearing for all the world like some lost footage from Kubric's "Full Metal Jacket." Thus was my first encounter with the ever entertaining Whitney . As the subject line indicates, this was a "Theme Boogie" with all sorts of competitive events, (rigged in Whitney's favor, I'm sure) from accuracy, or lack of. Shooting, knife throwing (Whitney and Urban must practice theses skills on each other) grenades, and how quickly one can doff and stash their gear under a bush...(not George, a real bush) after landing in a farm field surrounded by enemy troops, who, by the way were cleverly disguised as migrant strawberry pickers. Other events were the HALO jumps, we aren't talking any pansy High Altitude Low Openings here! As anyone with a gas powered blender would know, it's the Horny Ape Launch Out! Now we all know why the Beagle Boogie Boys spend so much time at the Zoo! Hmmm, is this a good spot to plug Astro-Glide? If you missed it, I'm was a total blast! Like I said before, I was a complete stranger to everyone there, (except maybe Urban, I think he's stranger than I am) and was made to feel very welcome. Whitney even took the time to look into my eyes, and from beneath that rain forest on her head, spoke these inspiring words to me: "Make a hole Maggot, coming through"! I'll always cherish that moment, we two had shared. Take the trip to Eugene, you won't regret it...MAGGOTS! Pigpen C-15408