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  1. Adriandavies

    Any mobile wind tunnel in Europe?

    Chatteris has got one but I don't think its ever moved since they installed it.
  2. Adriandavies

    Helmet for narrow head

    Try a Freezr? They used to come in two shell sizes with four different choices of lining so perhaps you could mix and match to get a comfortable fit?
  3. There are a load more British Pathe newsreals on the skydiving movies website. They span from about 1910 right up to the 1960's.
  4. Adriandavies

    GA8 Airvan experience

    There are two or three now in the UK so why not try posting on to see if you get a response. Peterlee, Skydive Jersey and Skydive London (?) have them. Pete Marsden who lives in the UK seems to be their importer so tracking him down would be a good move. From his website his details are... 01932 701321
  5. Adriandavies

    Nigel Rogoff??

    You could try posting this request on the website. Any idea where he used to jump?
  6. Adriandavies

    help 2 guys out? [empuria boogie]

    I may be able to help as I have a flight arriving at about 5pm and have hired a car for the week.
  7. Adriandavies


    I've used my FreeZR for about 35 minutes in wind tunnels. During the last 10 minute session I found that one of the holes in the visor which go over the pegs on the helmet, had started to elongate meaning that one side of the visor started to lift and open. Next time I use it in the tunnel I'll take some gaffer tape with me to secure the visor more securely. Over all I'm happy with the lid though.
  8. Adriandavies

    weight limits

    Which country/state do you live in?
  9. Adriandavies

    skydiving weather

    There are four main DZ's where Brits tend to train in Spain. Empuria near Barcelona, Skydive Seville, Lillo (Freefall Addicts school) and Ocana (Freefall University). Empuria and Ocana seem to have the best night life/non skydive entertainment. Check out their websites and maybe make a few phone calls to see which suits you best.
  10. Adriandavies

    UK: Bigger and Better at Langar for 2006

    SKYVAN! Milko said the Skyvan is back! I thought that it wasn't going to make an appearance this year! Yeah Ha!...and the Beech99 to boot. All we need now is a chopper and we'll have the whole set. ...and didn't Milko mention a little something about a little bit of FS going on at the same time?
  11. Adriandavies


    I haven't skydived using the Freezr yet but I've just been in the Bodyflight tunnel and have found the helmet to be comfortable, very secure and offering great visibility. My glasses fit in it with ease but I've found that it has taken quite a while to fit my Protrack into a comfortable position. The pocket where it fits is in a horizontal position but I found it much more comfortable in a more vertical orientation.
  12. Adriandavies

    Go Vertical, Empuria

    Jan's Beech 99...he doesn't own any Otters anymore but his Beech is a beautiful and fast plane.
  13. Woo hoo...the fastest climbing plane in Europe is coming to the UK for a long weekend! Cool.
  14. Adriandavies

    Cheap jump tickets

    Try any DZ in Spain or Koloma in Russia (£8 I think). Nearer to Jersey NWPC on Mondays and Fridays when they are £15 each, Chatteris drop to £13 each if you jump at least 5 times in a day.
  15. Adriandavies

    LET 410 - Bye bye from Australia

    That sucks. My home DZ let its LET go two years ago and invested in a second Grand Caravan instead. That was due to the same costs you mentioned, plus as it was an ageing airframe our CAA was taking an increasing amount of time to certify it every year. I miss the door and the bench seats, hey but at least we arre left with two turbines 364 days of the year.