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  1. I also think it would be cool if you were looking at a DZ description there was a link you could click on to see a list of all members that call that DZ home. Obviously there should be an option for the owner of the DZ to remove members from the list if they no longer jump there or other reasons. If you were going to be at a particular DZ you could check out to see who on to look for there. TOT
  2. Well I sent him a reply with my lowest I would accept is $2000, and here is the reply. Sounds like a scam. The item is already sold but I just wanted to humour myself.
  3. TOT


    Does anyone have any info yet? TOT
  4. I just bought a Sony DCR HC85 and I have a Hawkeye helmet. I was wondering if I should get a quick release or do I need a D-Box for the camera. How hard is it to make your own D-Box? TOT
  5. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    No down syndrom here. Sorry! TOT
  6. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    I am holding on to her. Most of the ideas come from her and I just play along. TOT
  7. All just theories. There is no way to prove anyof these TOT
  8. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    Well if you want to see more just search Google Video for "Tot & Swiffer" I only have 3 on there so far but I am adding more. TOT
  9. That messed me up big time. I need to watch it again.. TOT
  10. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    It was meant to be funny, don't get your panties in a bunch over it dude. TOT
  11. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    That is the only video from her bedroom that I will share. TOT
  12. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    The camera woman is my girlfriend and it is her room. TOT
  13. TOT

    Funny Fake Skydive

    Here is a clip I made. Hope it makes you laugh. TOT Post your funny videos here too.
  14. I was thinking the other day about how some swoopers load themselves down with a lot of weight to get a longer swoop and thought "Would someone be able to get a longer swoop if they were able to loose the weight once they entered the gates and were flying level?" Would this cause the canopy to surge forward and slam the jumper to the ground? Would the canopy simply gain altitude and fly the jumper further because they now have less weight pulling the to the ground? Has anyone experimented with this in the past? I would think that if you could shed 30-40 pounds once you are finished the arc of the swoop then you could fly further. Any ideas out there? TOT