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  1. We're here! Bob and I are staying at the Comfort Inn. W e're beat so we're going to bed but we'll see you in the morning. It's pretty wet out right now but looks like it should be ok in the morning. Later! -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  2. Who's playing tonight? I don't see anything posted... Oh, it's on PokerStars in private tourneys. PW is Toggle -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  3. Mac n Cheese with hot dogs sliced in it. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  4. No thoughts but when I first saw it I screamed "NOOOOO! YOU BLEW IT UP!!" (Plantet of the apes) -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I only saw the last 2 minutes of the show and that's really all I needed to see. Lost was way better. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  6. Update! Well, I screwed work off but I didn't fly down. I was up most the night on the phone with one family member or another and the hospital. They moved her from the hospital she was at to the one where her regular doctor is. It's supposed to be a better hospital. The doctor went over everything again just now and now he thinks it's NOT an appendicitis. He's back to the kidney stone theory. I'm hoping he's right. More tests, more opinions... I've talked to Mamu a couple of times. First she said that most of the stuff they can fix with meds and they can just take the appendix out if they need to. (she said it as if it were just a trip to the corner store) Then she made me giggle by saying the rest of her problems are just old age and they can't fix that. The last time I talked to her she demanded that I stop worrying about her. She said she's perfectly fine and the doctors don't know a damn thing. Typical grandma comment huh? She sounds good but a bit confused because there are so many people in the room and she said she doesn't need one more. She sent everyone away earlier this morning so she could get some rest and stop worrying about them worrying about her. Between the phone calls, visitors and tests she's a bit overloaded so I'm not going to add to it right now. I realized she doesn't actually want all those people there. She'd rather just rest and be with her husband til they figure it all out. I'm ready though. I'll be down in a second if anything changes. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I felt like a big whiney attention whore when I remembered that I posted this last night but I do think we draw energy from each other in good times and bad. Even if we don't know each other yet. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  7. Or not. Some of us are very lucky. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  8. Eh, more like the "lemon law" We turn you in if you don't run right and then we trade up for a better model. What? -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  9. Thank you Clay. You know I'm not usually the one to whine about real life stuff but this one is really messing with my heart and I was driven to put it down in words to help see it from other's perspective. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  10. Yup, we all do. Therefore, we ALL own you. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  11. We have a vagina. Therefore, we own you. The end. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  12. It's after 1am. I have to work tomorrow. My Mamu's in the hospital. Mamu means grandma in our family. There's only one. My Mamu. My brother started it. He didn't Know how to say the word for grandma in Armenian so he said Mamu and it stuck. That's all I've ever called her. She's almost 85. Her true name is Amelia. Her friends call her Billy. She's the strongest, most beautiful and nurturing woman I have ever known. She was a welder during the war. The men were away so she took it on and she was one of the best. She even worked in Alameda where I lived years later. Her life is so interesting to me and I'm always learning more. After that she married my grandfather. He was a plumber with a store in Costa Mesa. She wanted to make her own money though so eventually, she took out a small loan and bought her first house. Fixed it up and sold it. She continued doing that so that she wouldn't have to depend on her husband for everything. She wanted to be self sufficient. She never really made much extra money this way but she's managed to help people by doing this. Sure she get's screwed over a lot by those that are just looking for someone like her to take advantage of but her happiness comes from the successes of others and in being able to help them so I think the good always overshadows the bad for her. She's my grandmother but she's also my mother figure. Without her I would never have learned what unconditional love was. This morning I got a phone call. My Mamu has had some stomach pains for a few days. Last night her husband awoke and reached over to touch her and she was cold. He thought she was dead. It terrified him. He tried to wake her up and she came around saying she felt ok but he insisted on calling an ambulance. She said she was fine again, not wanting to complain. She's like that. She doesn't like to be a burden on anyone. It's so infuriating sometimes, especially this time. Right after she said she was ok she began vomiting. She was rushed to the hospital at 3am and at that point I only know what was relayed to me by different family members that live near her and went to the hospital to be with her. They took blood and urine tests, took a cat-scan gave her pain medicine and some antibiotics. They thought it was a kidney stone with a bladder infection and a few other issues that come with age and 5 hours later, then they sent her home with a bunch of prescriptions for pain, antibiotics, etc. Then, about an hour after she got home, she got a phone call from the hospital. It seems they were mistaken and she might have an appendicitis. She was rushed back to the hospital. At this point I should add that this is a hospital in the desert. It's no UCSF. It's no Hoag. It's a desert hospital. Not the most attractive place for the best of the best to want to work. She gets back to the hospital and they tell her that if it indeed is her appendix, they will cover the charge of the surgery. They're now trying to cover their ass for sending an 85 year old woman with a swollen appendix home with the wrong medication. Something else I might add: 10% of all appendicitis is in the 60 years or older group. 90% are between the ages of 10 and 30. However, 50% of fatalities from appendicitis are in the 60 year and older group. This scares me. I'm not sure how to take it. Usually, with the elderly (and I hate to call her that because she's in better condition than my own real mother who's 60) they tend to not realize the pain they're experiencing is so bad that they should be hospitalized so they don't make it to the hospital in time. So now they've moved her to another hospital. One with her real doctor and not just the ER doctor. They've done the tests again. Given 2 CAT scans and multiple blood tests. They say her appendix is inflamed but the doctor hasn't even seen her yet at the new hospital (this has been going on now for over 24 hours). I'm freaked out. Worried sick. I don't know what to do and my mind is a blur. I'm angry at the hospital and frightened for my Mamu's life. I want to fly down there and be with her. Flights from SF to Ontario are cheap now. But I have to wait til I get a phone call to see what the results are first. I feel like I'm going to be up all night but I don't know if I can do it. I'm so worried. Should I fly down in the morning? Screw work? Just go? Ugh.. there's so many more issues but i'm into my second glass of wine. Yeah, Ive been so stressed I haven't even been able to drink wine!. My grandmother is an amazing woman. She's been through a lot and always has a smile and a joke at the end of it to lighten the mood even when it's her life on the line. I love her. I don't want anything to happen to her. I need to spend more time with her before our time runs out and I'm scared. If it's her time, I guess it's her time. I don't want her in pain. I just want to be able to spend a little more time with her. I haven't seen her since Christmas, two years ago. Before that it was even longer. I don't get along with my own mother, Mamu's daughter. No one does. She has some issues that tend to push people away which keeps me away from the area in which they live. Unfortunately Mamu and her live near each other and my grandmother doesn't like to lie so it's very difficult to get alone time with her. What can I say? I'm afraid. I don't want my grandmother to die because of a hospital error. I don't want her to die at all. If she has surgery there's a problem with her heart that makes the anesthesia difficult to come out of already. At 85 that's a scary thought. If her appendix bursts though...well... I'm sorry. I just really needed to put this down in words and let it hit home a little harder. Sometimes it's easier to post it online because I'm forced to read it over and over again. I'm scared.
  13. We'll be there late Friday night through Monday around noon. -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  14. BAWAAAHAAAAAA! Hey shush up you! -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)
  15. Yeah, someone posted with my name in the post body so I knew it was really there. Then I did a search and it didn't come up. It's baffling! -------------- (Do not, I repeat DO NOT, take my posts seriously.)