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  1. I don't believe that being nervous and/or scared is nescessary to make you more careful and cautious... and protect your from the dangers of this sport... Altought I *DO* believe that for alot of people it may have that effect I know that there ARE skydivers out there that are always careful no matter what their personal state of mind is... To make an analogy: Are you afraid of driving your car (seriously) ? Do you think that being afraid would make you a safer driver? It probably will for alot of people, but I can honestly say I ALWAYS try to be a safe driver just because I care for my life (and that of others) I'm not afraid though... 'bout the skydiving; yeah i'm nervous (and a little afraid). Especially on the first jump of the day. But on the ride up, when looking out the door I get this intense feeling of 'BRIING IT ON BABY!!!!!' At first the height feels weird, but it becomes playground And when hanging under my wing I have an intense feeling of gratification.
  2. I can see (some) of your parents concern. They know things you don't know yet. You're 19, probably living under the roof of your parents house, probably going to university. Most of your expenses are probably being covered by your parents. When I was 19 I didn't realise how expensive life really is. Some day when you're 27 (like me ) you will want a house, a wife, kids, health insurance for your whole family, etc... and all of them are pretty expensive It sounds crazy but look around you, most people older than you have these things and so are you probably one day.. I know alot of people that have literally spent more than $50000 on skydiving equipment and jump tickets by the time they were 30. I know people that have literlally NOTHING at age 30, except for equipment and a crappy car. The way they are going right now they will have spent every available nickel on entertainment. That's probably not how you and your parents want to end up... Skydiving is a hobby/entertainment and you have to keep that in mind. (at least that's my advice) Every $20 you would spend on a jump ticket could be used for more 'important' things than skydiving... Most people try to find some kind of balance between all of their dreams but you don't have certain dreams yet... I'm getting borning here so lets change guns I'm not saying you should not skydive! Hell no... It can be the most rewarding feeling to skydive. And that's worth alot too! Live your dreams but try to consciously spend the amount needed for this particular dream and you'll be alright I guess...
  3. If you ask me... he IS crazy I do wonder what precautions were taken?? He deployed the chute only holding on too the legstraps. If he had lost grip he would've been a dead man... assuming he was somehow attached to the chute. What would have happened if a reserve ride was needed, etc...
  4. I've only had 30 jumps so far which I made 3 years ago. I stopped for financial reasons (started my business back then) but I plan to get back at it in 2007 I LOVE the way it makes me feel inside!! I truely don't think there would be ANY other activity that makes me feel so great! But to be honest, I don't think I will ever become one of the 24/7 dropzone people. I have a life besides skydiving, a family, friends. Other hobbies. I play guitar also... So unlike most I plan on doing some fun jumps every now and then (most weekends). I love it and it's a passion but I'm not going to let it take over my life!!
  5. Hi, after seeing this I'm thinking... if he didn't get help from his instructor and a) pulled reserve -> the main bag would probably have got out also causing 2 deploying canopies. Very high risk if you ask me b) cut away and pulled reserve -> the main bag would have got out and could have caused a scary entanglement with the reserve So I'm wondering if this procedure would be the best: You see a PC in tow 1) Tap container on the sides with elbows twice 2) Reach d-BAG with right hand and try to pull it out manually twice 3) Just pull reserve if step 2 doesn't work when you apply significant force why would you assume the opening reserve would be the cause for the main dBAG to come out? If you would insert a step 2.5) cutaway there's the risk of entanglement of the reserve with the main risers... Any comments as I'm just a newbie???
  6. Howdy, so there you are at 1000ft and your canopy suddenly isn't flying like it should be flying... Would you chop? (suppose you would definately chop at 3k) This is just a hypothetical situation. To me 1000ft definately looks survivable but I hear alot of people say it could be too low????? thanks
  7. For 100,000,000$ I would even jump without a parachute!! I could probably safe hundreds of people from certain death with that amount of money, give to charity, help out my family, etc... my life it not worth more than somebody elses --
  8. Hi Jan, I jump at Zwartberg too and heard about your malfunction. We don't know eachother but I'm sure you've seen me there... 1. Did you pack yourself? I'm asuming you didn't... 2. Did the baglock pull you up while falling? I mean with your head up and feet down ? 3. How high were you when reserve was open? you're alive; way to go!
  9. On a good day I think the time between 2 loads is about 20 minutes... 15 to get up to 13000ft 5 to get down and land Could my ride from say 12k take longer than 20 minutes ?
  10. I wish I could learn that but it's a little hard on a 280sq ft canopy Flying trough the clouds sounds like a heck of alot of fun!
  11. FreeDiver


    I should remember this!! Suppose you are doing this while standing up: Should your elbows be below your shoulders ? Cuz the first few times I flew this position I had my elbows above my shoulders and it was shaky. Since I put them below my shoulders i'm stable
  12. So you're saying I should base my decision where to jump out on the direction of the wind at different altitudes ? I hope somebody knows this stuff at our DZ Take a look at the picture of my DZ If the wind direction up high is the complete opposite of the wind direction at ground level and if the wind up high is twice as fast they should drop me somewhere at H-30 ? Is that what you mean by upwind ? BTW: I can't spot! It's exciting allready -- lol
  13. Howdy folks I've been wanting to do a real high pull just so I could enjoy the view a while longer and fly a little more - still a newbie here (25 jumps) Is it safe to pull at 12k ? I'm going to ask my instructors too and notify everybody on the load as usual ofcourse Only problem I can think of is blood circulation in the legs not being very good and passing out because of that because these damn student rigs! Never had that problem though: it only hurts once in a while - but it's a posibility thanks
  14. I had one of them 'falling' dreams lately - not really skydive related I woke up and remembered I had arched in my dream! lol
  15. What's a lightning ? I once jumped a rented rig from my DZ that I didn't jump before. DZO told me it was 280 so happely I go and jump... ... when I looked up after deployment I was wondering if my previous canopies were as small as the 'completely yellow' one above me right now... and it flew kind of strange too... (slow though) I had a soft landing. Upon asking afterwards he said he had mistakenly given me a 300sq ft now either it WAS smaller and our DZO is lying or my first time jumping a completely yellow canopy led me to believe the canopy was smaller since motifs (like coloured cells) make things look larger Eitherway: I would be interested to see the size of various canopies because a newbie like myself has no clue... forgive me as I am still learning