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  1. Hold my beer, watch this... What could possibly go wrong. Wyp aviation link
  2. Reading your post leaves me with several questions, one of which is... names... Who exactly (names) is behind the "World Team" effort? Who exactly (names) is behind the "P3" effort? Also... "World Team recognizes that the big-way community is in serious need of high quality big-way camps and events that are affordable. Too many big-way enthusiasts and new skydivers entering the scene are discouraged by the upwardly spiraling costs of events. " I think you might find there are many very qualified, current skydivers (competitors, instructors, former big way jumpers) that have walked away due to the self serving mentality and overall lack of integrity some big way organizers have brought to this skydiving discipline. Other reasons may be the lack of time and interest in feeding the big way machine. If you don't continously feed the machine ($), you will not get a slot, regardless of overall experience, currency or past big way success/records. Bigway is fun, but it is the most overrated discipline in the sport of skydiving. It is typically a one point skydive people... The most important skill you need is tracking - and it is very important. My opinion, no one elses.
  3. From the AOPA... ********* Series 400 Twin Otter earns Canadian certification Viking Air announced that its new Series 400 Twin Otter has received its Canadian type certificate. The Series 400 Twin Otter, dubbed the DHC-6-400, may resemble its 60-year-old predecessor, but that’s where the similarities end. The Series 400 incorporates more than 800 changes that modernize and improve upon the original production models. Among the biggest upgrades are the airplane’s Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 engines, the use of composite materials, the lightweight interior, LED lighting systems, and improved de-ice and air conditioning systems. Read more >> (somewhere on the AOPA web site). *********** You may be able to jump one in about 10 years, unless your a member of the Army Golden Nights.. -KeithM
  4. I totally agree Tiger6513 and thank you.. -KeithM
  5. Very nice, this thread has been viewed over 780 times. I hope everyone has had a chance to view the story as well. CBS News: Fox News: Just think, if everyone who has view this thread and associated story were to give just $5.00, it would come to roughly $4000.00. If everyone were to give more or just the cost of one lift ticket. The possibilities. Thanks.. -KeithM
  6. Wow, nice... Thank you to all who have viewed this story and given a little. Please let others know. Thanks.. -KeithM.
  7. Thanks for correcting the CBS News link, they moved the story on their web. Now located at...;photovideo The FOX News network, FOX and Friends covered the story this morning as well. The FOX story is at... Due to extensive medical bills a site has been setup for those interested in helping with a donation. Any dollar amount would be greatly appreciated. The site is located here and will be up through at least 5/24/10. Thank You... -KeithM
  8. On Monday evening, 5/10/10, the CBS Evening News ran an "Assignment America" segment covering the story of a Tandem instructor injured in a skydiving accident. If you did not see the story you can watch it here. Due to extensive medical bills a site has been setup for those interested in helping with a donation. Any dollar amount would be greatly appreciated. The site is located here and will be up through at least 5/24/10 . Let's all buy this guy at least one skydive, a donation of the cost of a lift ticket or few. Use the cost of lift tickets at your home DZ and make a difference for a fellow skydiver in need. If you choose to make a donation you will have control of what others will see. You will have options of anonymous amount, anonymous name and comments if you wish. If you leave comments, mention you are a skydiver and/or mention so he will know his skydiving friends are there. If you have already donated, Thank You very much. Thank you for your time. Be safe, have fun.. -KeithM
  9. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch the story and to those who were able to donate. -KeithM
  10.;contentBody Thank you... -KeithM
  11. John, thanks for posting the links for this story. Thanks to everyone who made the time to watch this. Even bigger thanks to those who are able to help a little. -KeithM
  12. This may be posted elsewhere, but... -KeithM I am becoming such a post whore, thats like 2 in the last week.
  13. It is scheduled to run tonight, if it does not get bumped. Tonight, Monday, 5/10/10, on the CBS evening news with Katie Courik in a segment called "Assignment America" they will be covering a story about a Tandem Instructor in Texas injured in a skydiving accident. If you are anywhere near a TV when your CBS news comes on. Please watch it. If not, hopefully you can record it and watch later. Also, Thank you.. -KeithM.
  14. Due to the coverage surrounding the New York City bombing attempt, the CBS Evening news bumped the Assignment America segment. It is currently rescheduled for next Monday, 5/10/10. Please make an effort to see the story. Also, if you can, don't forget... -KeithM
  15. CBS News airs at 5:30pm Central Time in Houston Texas. Your time may vary. Thank you... -KeithM
  16. I appologize if this has already been posted somewhere else on If this belongs in a different forum, please move. If possible, make it a one day sticky thingy. Tonight, Monday, 5/3/10, on the CBS evening news with Katie Courik in a segment called "Assignment America" they will be covering a story about a Tandem Instructor in Texas injured in a skydiving accident. If you are anywhere near a TV when your CBS news comes on. Please watch it. Also, Thank you.. -KeithM.
  17. Ron, you are already being missed in the skydiving community. Thank you Ron for the jumps we had together. Rest in peace, you have earned it. -KeithM
  18. Jump tickets will probably start increasing. There is not much any of us can do about the cost of fuel (energy). It is affecting everything in our lives, either direct or indirect. The only thing I can do, is VOTE this November and not re-elect anyone or any party already in office. They have clearly not done anything for me or you. Will this help fix things, who knows, but if you keep doing the same thing, re-electing the same people, you should expect the same outcome. Ooops. I think I just hijacked your thread and made it political. Sorry.
  19. Wonder if this will increase a lift ticket price... Thanks George.. From the AOPA web. White House: No user fees, no signature By AOPA ePublishing staff As the Senate began debate on the FAA funding bill in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation, that same spirit apparently didn’t extend to the White House. The president’s top advisors made it very clear on April 29 that if Congress sends him a bill that does not include user fees, and does not give the airlines greater control over the air traffic control system, they want him to veto the FAA funding legislation. The White House once again cited its failed FAA funding bill as the model, and said the legislation currently under consideration by Congress does not align “FAA’s revenues with its costs through fair fees linked to usage of the system,” nor does it include “a broader set of aviation stakeholders in the oversight and management” of the air traffic control system. (Administration proposals would give the majority users of air traffic control—the airlines—also majority say in ATC management.) The “Statement of Administration Policy” also objected to increased Airport Improvement Program funding and took issue with the labor provisions in the House version of the FAA funding bill. “If the President is presented with a bill that not only excludes the critical reforms proposed by the Administration, but also includes provisions that would further exacerbate an untenable status quo, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto it,” according to the policy. “We’re extremely disappointed that the administration continues clinging to discredited funding concepts that have no popular support from either the public or their elected representatives,” said AOPA President Phil Boyer. “The aviation industry and both parties in Congress are very close to reasonable compromises that ensure the future of the aviation system. For the administration to put that all at risk at this point is incomprehensible.” The Senate is expected to finish its version of an FAA funding bill this week. The House version was passed last September. Existing aviation taxes and FAA funding will expire June 30 if a new funding bill is not signed into law before then. April 30, 2008
  20. - From the AOPA web Not sure if this is the right forum.... Aircraft are only as old as they feel By AOPA ePublishing staff When it comes to addressing corrosion or other maintenance issues in aging aircraft, AOPA wants to make sure the corrective measures are based on maintenance and usage, not solely on age. That’s why the association is opposing a proposed airworthiness directive (AD) for de Havilland Twin Otters (DHC-6-1, DHC-6-100, DHC-6-200, and DHC-6-300). Viking Air now holds the type certificate for the airplanes. The AD would require aircraft owners to create a schedule for initial and recurrent corrosion inspections based on Bombardier’s Corrosion Prevention and Control program, and then complete all of the inspections. Even though the FAA hasn’t presented any evidence of an existing problem in the fleet, the proposed AD says, “Service experience indicates that as aircraft become older, they are more likely to exhibit indications of corrosion.” “Unfortunately, the general premise of this proposed AD is true for any vehicle or structure made of metal,” wrote Leisha Bell, AOPA manager of regulatory affairs, in formal comments to the FAA. “Because of this AOPA feels the proposed AD is too broad and should be limited to aircraft within the DHC-6 fleet that have other factors that could induce the growth of corrosion and have a defined history of corrosion that has negatively affected the safety of flight.” AOPA also reminded the FAA of its efforts to educate aircraft owners and operators of the structural concerns associated with aging aircraft and the measure that can be taken to mitigate them. In October 2007, AOPA released the online course, Aging Aircraft. So far, more than 14,000 people have completed the course. May 1, 2008
  21. PM sent. Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your time and help with this. Let me know the shipping cost and I can cover it. Thanks everyone for the responses and links. Be careful, have fun. -KeithM
  22. I am looking for a copy of the January 1996 Parachutist magazine. This is the month and year of my first jump. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please PM me. I have contacted the USPA, they can only provide a photo copy of a magazine that old. I hope to find a complete, original, good condition copy. Thanks everyone for your time.
  23. Others may have covered all this, but.... Yes it is to short. Ideally the end of cable (swedge) should be almost touching the inside bottom of D ring reserve deployment handle. Ideally it should not be sticking out past the bottom of the D ring handle but maybe 1/2 in off the inside of D ring. When real short like yours, crazy body positions from tumbling exits, hybrids, freefly, etc.. could cause enough tension to launch your reserve.
  24. When you have toggles all the way up there should be equal amount of bow in your brake lines. Looking up your brake line while in flight it would look like 6 to 8 inches of bow. From toggles all the way up, you should be able to pull them down 2 to 3 inches before the tail of canopy starts to deflect. With toggles in hand, pulling front risers should not cause the canopy to buck. As others in this post have stated, I would let them out 2 or 3 inches at a time. The above information was obtained from speaking with current and former PD test pilots. I am surprised that a canopy with just a 100 jumps has brake lines shrunk to that tight. Good luck with it, be safe. Remember when looking at your canopy, keep other traffic in mind. Oh, I have 500+ jumps on a S2 170.