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  1. There was an 11 cell canopy in production 7 or 8 years ago. Called the AR-11(I think). Never flew it so I have no input as to pro's or con's, but there should be someone out there who knows more. I would think that as you increase cells, that you increase drag with the extra lines and therefore decrease efficiency. Thats just a guess though
  2. What's the difference between renting a rig and jumping a DZ tandem rig, that was essentially rented by the passenger. Any of you TM's going to pay for a lost tandem main cause you chopped it. Not me. I don't expect that the passenger is going to pay up or be asked to for that matter. The liability should be built into the rental price.
  3. No one has responded about scenario A. I had this happen a few weeks ago. Was demoing a canopy loaded about 2.2. The brake system was very differnt from anything that I have ever jumped, and I did not pack it, so I was not aware of this. Opened, stowed my slider and proceeded to unstow my brakes, so I thought! Pulled on the toggles and wasn't getting anything but rear riser input to the canopy. 3 more attempt with same results. Altitude check and decide I have one more attempt and then It will be chopped. On the last attempt I just snatched the toggle down about as hard as I could and they came unstowed. I landed uneventfully. I did however make a descision to chop this (if it was cleared by my hard deck) due to the fact that the brakes were still stowed. Landing on rears and landing on rear with brakes still stowed are two different things. I would not have landed on rears, on this particular jump, even if the brakes were unstowed, due to the fact it was my first jump on this highly loaded canopy.
  4. Check out skydivetallahassee.com there are directions from Panama City, it's about an hour and a half. I believe it is the closest . I'm not sure how far Headland is though. Fly a King Air on weekends and Fri afternoons. Hope to see you there
  5. At 3500 I have them take off their seatbelt and then hook up the latterals. I case of an emergency you just clip a shoulder(both if time permits) and go. Student should never have their seatbelt while they are not attached to a parachute in my opinion. Jeff
  6. I am about the same as popeyefireman. I have 2 kids, oldest is 2 1/2. I slowed down a bit to spend time with my kids, and I am working more than fun jumping. The working jumps help me to afford to stay in the air and it also keeps the wife from complaining about me spending to much time at the DZ, cause I bring home some shopping money for her. I am lucky that I usually get off my real job at about 3pm, so I get to spend alot lot of time with them during the week. So I don't think spending a Sat or Sun at the DZ is depriving them of time with Dad. I also have good life and health insurance. I would say that this is necessary if you are going to skydive and want to be a responsible parent. As for pressure from parents, it's not their choice, tink it through and decide for youself. My kids are the most important thing to me, but I still love my time at the DZ. Good luck
  7. I have to disagree with Skybytch, If you do not care about the extra drag, then go with the standard PC. No need to put an extra risk upon yourself for a performance advantage that you don't care anything about. Yes they are very reliable Skybytch, but somtimes their packers are not. And yes I use a collapsable PC, but I also care about the advantage t hat it gives me.
  8. Allan, Take that ring sight off. It is just a big snag point for you. At this point you really don't need it. You can easily learn to shoot tandem video without it. Come talk to me at the DZ and I will give you some help. Jeff
  9. Had someone get seriously hurt on a load that I spotted. Him and another landed off. Me and the 2 others in our group made it back. Who's to say the spot was bad and the person didn't fly themselves off the airport. I would also have to say the injury was caused more by the poor decision in alternate landing area, and the low turn to try to get in it. A bad spot does not cause you to get hurt, you are just more likely to make another mistake that might get you hurt. No you don't sue.
  10. QuoteExiting before a student should not be an issue. I agree with everyone that belly should go before freeflyers, but students opening 2000 feet higher than the rest of the load need to be last. No chance of a collision if you are never at the same altitude.
  11. Aerodyne was at our DZ this weekend. Everyone seemed to really like the pilot. I jumped the Amax 94, very sweet canopy. I am going to get Aubrey to send me the 99 so I can put some jumps on it when the winds aren't 20mph. Got a chance to really check out the Icon. It is a very nice container. It comes complete with just about everything you could want. Hip rings, stainless hardware, and a collapsable PC.
  12. Yes there are some older DVD players that won't play the DVD-R or DVD-RW format. I think all the newer ones do, but I have an older one that won't. There is a list of those, that will and will not play it, somewhere on the web but I'm not sure where. It might be good to keep that around and ask the customer if they know what model they have, or if it will accept that format before they decide to get the DVD.
  13. I had the same results as Winsor , with a lineover I had on a tandem. I tried to clear it.Then it went from a slight turn to a wild spinning mal when I released the brakes. I will just get rid of it in the future, especially on a tandem. Jeff
  14. I went to a hypnotist show with the DZ crew a few years back. I got was one of 10 people picked from the audience. He got 5 or 6 of us under and excused the rest. Then preceded to ask us to do some funny stuff. A pile of napkins was thrown on the ground and we were told that they were hundred dollar bills and that we should get as many as we could, but to stuff them in our pants cause the others would try to steal. Later in the show, out of no where he said that the money was on fire, and clothes started flying everywhere. We also were all in labor at one point. It was fun to do. I remember it, it just felt like I was in a dreamlike state where I didn't care what I did. I stayed for the second show to watch from the audience. That made the experince even better to see what you just went through. It was hilarious. So yes it works, but from what we said it will not work on everyone and of course, you have to be willing to do it. Jeff
  15. We had a dog that was agressive like that. He had bitten my wife once when she got in the middle of him and another dog playing . Then we had our first child. The dog was suprisingly good around her. Then one day when she was about 1 1/2. She tried to pick up one of his toys that he was playing with and he made a snarling snap at her. I wanted to get rid of the dog but my wife wouldn't have it. Then we found out we were having our second child and very soon after there was a very similar incident to the first this time he actually bit her, although she was not injured. After this we tried very hard to give the dog away but could not find any one to take him. We were then told by the vet that the only choice we had was to put him to sleep. He said if we gave him away and he bit someone that we could eaisly have been held liable. This was a very hard decision to make but my wife finally agreed. We put him to sleep. We both had a very hard time doing this and we still miss him. But I know that this was the right decision. As my Daughters are more important to me than anything and I know That I could not live with myself if something happened to them, that I could have prevented.