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  1. I think hes referring to the "you have achieved good exit seperation when the last group are at 45 degrees" myth which is incorrect... Link
  2. It's not that hard... I can beat the first couple of songs on expert Oh, wait... you mean real guitar.
  3. gulaz

    Gas Strike

    I miss alberta... 1.32 in halifax. (thats just shy of $5/gallon for you non-metric folk)
  4. Gossamer Forums
  5. Can't forget Fandango. Not really a skydiving movie, but has the funniest skydiving part in it (10 mins or so).
  6. Wicked Movie... Main Character (Ellen Page) is from Nova Scotia... so now we have her, the Trailer Park Boys, and Peter North from this little province :-p
  7. I see that that is a HDD camcorder. Unless I have missed something, there aren't any HDD camcorders suitable for freefall. Have to stick with either miniDV or memorystick.
  8. I was just looking online, and saw that has the cx7 listed at a $200 price drop, to $899.99... Just wondering how recent this is? I don't see that anywhere else, and as a Canadian, I am waiting to see it reflected here. The listed price at is $1099. If that is a recent price drop, then I am hoping to see it drop everywhere else maybe, before I buy it.. My local bestbuy has them and I would love to get one for the $899.
  9. Now I know that 7500ft is high for the airborne types... but still
  10. Haha, ya... I'm not serious, dont worry. My buddy had it as his MSN name, and I couldn't help but post it in the bonfire.
  11. I'm contemplating a new sig line... It's a little off-color though, what do you guys think? "Attitudes are like vaginas... All women have them, and some of them stink"
  12. I tend to spell things out... I dont know why people call it "text speak"... since T9 came out for cellphones (which was when texting really took off) it is easier to spell words out that are actually in the dictionary...
  13. I wouldn't exactly say that I'm saving up per-say... more like spending money that I haven't made yet. But I am getting new gear
  14. I got the same email I responded... just to see what they come up with, and this is the reply: