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  1. Hello. Due to recent events we are unable to pay for servers to run the app for reasons beyond our control. Payments from Russia are not possible. We ask you to save your data in case of a server outage. If you have a desire and ability to take on support for the app, we can transfer all the source code and rights to it and provide access to the current infrastructure. For communication you can use our Telegram chat or E-mail.
  2. Yes, the “paranoia” is understandable... In our country there is no hunting, but basejumping is not the “calmest” thing either (5 or 11 days of arrest). I understand very well how it may look like:), but I can only say that we are a small team from Russia, we are not interested to anyone. We have one practicing basejumper in our team. He does not really sit on the forums, so he would have announced the release of the application. Perhaps it would have aroused more confidence:) Once again, man can use our app without any permissions. You can add photos and locations, but if you don’t want - no problem. Maybe the community here can give us some advices how to improve the app or resolve problems we have. There are also plenty of places all over the world where people can jump legally.
  3. Try the app first. I’m sure you won’t be upset. TomAiello is right. In Russia we haven’t ever heard about “NPS” (whatever it is). Maybe “manage” is not the right word, sorry for my English. The app allows you not to “take care” of your riggs, but to know their “condition”: how many jumps you made with it, when you made the previous jump with it, what the object it was…
  4. Sorry man. We have not found any information about your BASELog. But there are several different BASE logs on the Internet. We don't see any legal reason to argue:) We're doing a useful thing for basejumpers, as you are. We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mind us using that name.
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "nps". If it's a privacy issue, so that's not a problem. You can use the app without permission to access the location. We don't work with any government agencies. And won't.
  6. Hey, guys! We've made an app to improve your basejumping experience. With "BASE Logbook" ("BASE Log" for iOS) you can manage your rigs, monitor weather at your exits, track your activity and autosend SOS-signal if it's not ok (in next updates)... Android version iOS version We are still developing and improving the app, so you can find other useful features in future. Please try it (it's freemium and without ads) and leave your feedback;) Join us on Telegram!