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  1. I suggest you find a plane that can be flown to those altitudes that is certified and approved for jump operations aka door off configuration before you start taking money from potential clients.
  2. Gowlerk- this isn’t something new. The military has been doing this and testing this since the 1960s. This is new to the civilian skydiving world due to an ever increasing desire to test limits and the ability for providers to find and provide higher and higher jump platforms. There are systems and procedures that are tested and proven. The systems and procedures used on this flight were not those that have been tested and proven. There are literally 1,000s of pages of reference manuals and studies available online for various O2 systems, masks, regulators, bail-out bottles etc. mostly done by the military. All the equipment Mike uses is military. He just didn’t know how to use it nor the proper procedures concerning its use. His staff lacked proper education and experience. This was an avoidable fatality. Trust me, I am pissed! Tom was a great guy.
  3. I can concur with Joe. He has correct info. The passenger has paid for multiple high altitude jumps, including balloon jumps. I doubt that the passenger or Tom knew that the plane they were in was not certified to do jump operations or to fly with the door off, and they certainly were not told that the O2 systems being used were not designed or certified for the use the seller of the jump used them for.