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  1. I'm not going to pull above 2000' on a regular basis, exception being a long spot. Lets see someone pull out a tape measure.
  2. Work on your stability. Should your AFF instructors be letting you go if you cant pull and maintain stability?
  3. 2000' is my preferred opening altitude. I have pulled all 3 handles in the allotted time, always open at 1100' or better.
  4. 2000' is high enough. I have cutaway from a bag lock and streamers having pitched at 2k and was open with brakes un-stowed, headed to the dz at 1100'. No RSL, all manual. Do I need to be open higher under my reserve? A few of the low reserve pulls/ fatalities came from people who decided to spend too much time trying to fix what they eventually cut away. Look at the videos on youtube, too much time wasted. KNOW your procedures BEFORE you need to call on them. My canopy choice is Sabre120's.
  5. Wow, I was 12 years old when I met KC, I used to ride my bike to the DZ every weekend. Pulling tension, chasing cutaways, that's what I did... I hung out with the cool skydivers. I remember that jumpsuit, and the rigging loft he called the "gurstenshlogger". My bike is just out of view to the left.... Fly Free KC! Pressurize it!
  6. But yet, people still buy tickets on American (knowingly flying MD80's w/o AD's), Southwest (knowingly flying several jets with cracked fuse skins), Alaska (pencil whipping out of limit elevator jack screw - MD80 crash off of Port Huneme), American (crash late 70's, chicago - improperly installing an engine on a DC10), And the list goes ON AND ON AND ON !
  7. From an R4 Team Member - ME! We decided to go intermediate due to the amount of training our schedules allowed. All 5 of us have real jobs. That's right, 5 of us - Hi Jason! Advanced required about twice as much training due to slot switchers and mirrors. As of the beginning of Nationals we had about 120 jumps together. To all who supported us through the season, Thanks ! ! ! ! !
  8. A co-worker and his family are JW's and they are strange. Here are some examples: 1) he uses his sick leave when he's NOT sick because it is given to him to use. Also, according to thier "book", we age due to an illness that eventually kills us, therefore we are always sick. 2) JW's are forbiden from Skydiving because it's suicidal - go figure, he's obese due to over eating and that's not suicidal? 3) drives like a maniac with no regard for the people on the road or the people in his own vehicle - suicidal? 4) cant afford to buy food for the family so the "Kingdom Hall clan" brings food over - actually a really nice gesture, BUT he still has cable TV, internet, AND seasons passes to a PRO sports team! I could go on and on, and then there's the "Born Agains", they're almost as bad. just my observations....
  9. there are going to be 60-way formation loads this weekend at Lodi. you can try to lurk the load but I think all the slots are taken. ask Gareth Holder or Bill Shipley, they are the organizers. julius
  10. It's NOT illegal, it will NEVER be out of your sight or control, and it WON'T get lost. Carry documentation with you; Parachutist, USPA card, articles about misshandled rigs, event flyers, invites, etc. If you are questioned, be polite and don't lie. Look the TSA inspector in the eye and don't act nervous (after all, you'll have a rig onboard and no one else will) If you are denied, ask for a supervisor. Oh, and get to the airport early, about 2 hours before your flight.
  11. My wife and I have flown to Arizona, Z-Hills, and CrossKeys in the last few months. We carried our rigs onboard everytime. We were asked about her weights, but the parachutes were a non-issue. Parachutes are NOT on the list of items that cannot be carried onboard. For safety sake and presence of mind CARRY YOUR RIGS ONBOARD! It is not illegal! Your life is at stake here! The last Parachitist and Skydiving mags have a horror story about two rigs that were checked as baggage. We flew out of SFO, TPA, PHX, and PHL with no problems.
  12. Wow! I was just asking a question! Now I have some answers. I was not at all making a sarcastic remark. Thanks Ron! Thanks Scrumpot! Another scenario - unfortunately most will someday find themselves in the basement where all they need is a snivelling canopy and thinking about pulling the reserve will only waste more time... If you are suddenly faced with ground rush, what is your instinctive reaction? 300' Sabre2 openings? nose not rolled, pull then sit up. BTW, I really do have 2900 jumps, not many by some standards....
  13. I read some of the posts but not all. My question though, is why does anyone jump a canopy that snivels for a 1000'? I jumped a stilleto for about 50 jumps and got rid of it because it sniveled too much. Several times I was just beginning to pull the cutaway handle when the thing opened. I'm a belly flier and dumping at 3 grand or higher is a waste of time. Any snivel more than 3 seconds is a mal in my eyes and gets "the handle" pulled! My new Sabre2 opens in within my limits; pilot chute at 2, unstowing brakes at 17.