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  1. Yes, they are available everywhere. But, I don't think they are available with many choices on Amazon. They might be available in physical stores with massive choices. As, I told earlier, when I was looking for my Pitbull, I hardly saw 4-5 options. You need a strong tandem especially when you are looking for a highly energetic and aggressive dog like Pitbull and German Shephard. In such case, you become short of choices.
  2. I've also got from there for my pitbull. Though there are only few options, but I hope you will get a good one.
  3. I hope you did the best skydiving. Did you feel nervous? As it was your first time.
  4. why don't you try looking on Amazon. There a a lot of dog tandem harness available there.
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm Stephen, and I'm new to this forum. I hope, we'll have great discussions together .