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  1. Sorry it took so long to reply. The email telling me to look here got spam filtered. All of the vet schools in the US must get accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association so in terms of a baseline they are all at a given level which compared to the rest of the world is pretty high. As for which vet school is best it likely depends on what aspect of vet medicine you are most interested in pursuing. In addition getting accepted to veterinary school can be very competitive and there is the school of thought to take what ever you can get. Please feel free to pm me if you want more information. Happiness, Doc Sherry
  2. Hi All, Well I will be ordering new gear this week. I gave the system 7 days to turn up my gear. Yes, my homeowners covers this. Mind you I am having to find the receipts for all of it. Ah Well at least I have coverage. I have found a second rig to jump for team stuff. I also want to say thanks to everyone who is and will continue to look for it, loan me gear etc.... Everyone has been so great...offering me gear ot borrow until I can make arrangements. You all know who you are....Thanks!!!! (including you Larry If I find them we may have to put that 97 in a bigger rig and watch the happenings!) Happiness, Sherry
  3. I talked to the restuarant manager last night and he let me post flyers. The dumpsters locally get emptied daily as it is a shopping/restuarant district. But if I do catch them neutering can be applied as punishment. Except I will use a spoon instead of something more interesting Happiness, Sherry
  4. True enough. I guess I was relying on a rig being unusual enough to cause a raised eyebrow. I will start checking in the morning. Thanks Josh. Happiness, Sherry
  5. LMAO I will be sure to bring it up tonight!!!
  6. Actually the cops said that often if folks don't know what to do with it they will throw it away. Anybody up for some dumpster diving???? Happiness, Doc Sherry
  7. I am told the pawn shops have to turn in sheets on everything they accept to the police so that avenue is covered. I think I will go put up fliers tonight. Thanks. Doc Sherry
  8. Hi Hook, Great to hear from you!!! I haven't compared the serial numbers but truly apprecitate you looking these up. Here are the earlier promised attachments. A picture and the serial number list. Happiness, Doc Sherry edit: added the helmet pic Deguello Rig.doc
  9. Thanks Mac! That is an excellent shot!!! I will attach it to the serial number sheet. You rock. Good vibes and hugs back to you across the pond!!! Happiness, Doc Sherry
  10. USPA Has it already. I will attach the serial numbers to this response and then go directly to the section here on stolen gear. Then to the link you provided. Thanks a ton for everyone's support. Things like this have a huge suck factor with a pain in the A** factor as a chaser. Happiness, Doc Sherry
  11. Thanks. e-bay is one place I rarely go. Happiness, Sherry
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    White with red and navy stripes that end in back like a ribbon
  13. DocSherry


    3 center cells navy End cells red 2 white cells between navy and red on each side (R,W,W,N,N,N,W,W,R)
  14. DocSherry