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  1. Hi Jarrett, do you wear full leg braces ? Or do you have your legs strapped together ? Phil.
  2. I'm a DZO concerned with safety and our staff has no experience with Solo Para's with leg-braces. We have no interest in being a test facility, nor in debating on DZ.com the acceptable risk factors. We just want to know, or be educated on the issues with this type of jump. Again any instructor or Para-jumper with experience jumping from a C-182. please PM me privately. Thanks, Phil Stoker Victoria Skydiving Adventures www.victoriaskydiving.com (250) 655-4434
  3. I'm just looking for the straight honest goods here. I have an enquiry from a Para with 200 solo jumps. Wanting to come to my DZ to do some jumps out of our C-182. She comes from DZ’s with big turbine aircraft. And I think the smallest aircraft she has jumped out of is a 206. (which has a wider cabin, bigger door, and no wheel-step in the way) And she wears a full leg braces. I wish to hear/learn/understand the issues surrounding this type of jump from a C182. We have done many Para-tandem jumps out of our C-182, and understand those challenges. And we have brainstormed for years, trying to figure out how to do a PARA-SOLO ‘safely’ from our plane. But we could never figure out how it could be done in our small plane, (with leg braces). I’m eager to hear from any Para-jumpers, Para-instructors, or others that know of jumping with these braces and C-182 aircraft. Thanks, Splat! p.s. As a DZO, I'm responsible for safe jumping practices at my DZ. So I need to be knowledgeable in this type of jump. Instead of just putting my faith in a visitor jumper, (with a whole 200 jumps). And hoping she knows what she is doing…
  4. Does anyone know were I could buy 3' of bright green 1" tubular webbing ? Thanks, Phil.
  5. Did you find out what the p/n 811810-0 is ? Phil.
  6. Years ago I had a black one, without any bags or handles or stuff, and two de-milled MT-1X canopies. Back then I couldn't find any info on the stuff, and I ended up jucking it all. I learnt more from you this evening, than all the months of searching around back then. Again, thanks alot for all you help. Please let me know if you figure out what this other canopy is. It looks exactly the same as the other one, except for the extra set of cat-eyes, and the part number. Phil. (oh, I think the black container I had was called a MT-1XX, and I wish I still had it now...)
  7. I can't tell if they line up without stretching out both canopies and measuring from the top, as measuring from the bottom is not working, because there are no markings for where to tie off the toggles. The cat-eyes are within 8 inches of each other. So the containers for a MC-5 and a MT-2XX are exactly the same ? Phil.
  8. The control lines on the MC-5 canopy have two sets of cat-eyes. All the bar-tacks on both canopies are gray, except for the upper cat-eyes on this canopy which are red. The unknown canopy does not have these second set of cat-eyes. Looking at the picture you last posted, I don't see the second set of cat-eyes on that canopies control lines either. Phil.
  9. OK, do I understand this correctly ? Both canopies have the reefing system on it, so they can only be MC-5 canopies, or MT-2XX canopies. The p/n 810205 matches MC5 product brochure, so it can be for the MC-5(Marine) rig, but we don't know if it can be used in the 2XX (Navy) rig also. And this canopy can be used as a main or reserve. The p/n 811810-0 is still unknown, and could be for the MC-5(Marine) rig, or the MT-2XX (Navy) rig. Looking again at the two canopies, I notice the MC-5 canopy has two brake setting, (one for use as a main, and the other as a reserve ?) And the unknown one only has one brake setting, (so it is a main canopy only ???) However both canopies came un-used with red toggles. Thanks for all your help so far ! Phil.
  10. At a quick glance, they look identical.
  11. So... the p/n 810205-0 is a MC-5 canopy, and not at MT-1X ? And the p/n 811810-0 is still unknown ? Thanks, Phil.
  12. One of these canopies I think is a MT-1X: p/n 810205-0, ser SLX-(edited) But I don’t know what the other is: p/n 811810-0, ser SLX-(edited) both have the attachment point on the slider, and the cotton pad and grommet on the top skin for the p/c reefing system ? Phil
  13. Both the MT-1X and this unknown canopy have 'SLX' as the first 3 letters in the serial number.
  14. Thanks, I saw that. But it refers to a complete system, and I only have the canopy. I have also found two other references to that part number. - one was to the 270 sqft 5-cell MT-1S reserve, - and the other to a MT-1X 'main only' canopy. But all these references are unreliable from military surplus outlets. I am told it may be a MC-5 canopy, but I thought a MC-5 is a complete system. What is this canopy ? Phil.
  15. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me what canopy I have ? It's marked: p/n 811810-0 It looks like a MT-1X canopy, but that is a: p/n 810205-0 Also, does anyone know where I could find a newer all black MT-1XX container with all the goodies ? Thanks, Phil.