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  1. Hi There:) I was wondering which dropzones might have the best weather (on average)...Arizona, Cali, Barcelona? Appreciate any tips:) Thank you & blue skies, Marc
  2. True or False? I've heard a couple of times from experienced skydivers the stereotype that people with Kiss helmets are known to be inexperienced haha. First I thought it was just a joke, but having thought about it I don't know any experienced skydivers who wear Kiss helmets lol. Obviously a helmet does not determine how someone flies but I just wondered if that cliché is true among skydivers in general. Cheers, Marc:) (Yes, I have a Kiss helmet haha)
  3. Amazing - thanks for the prompt answers! This helps a lot! (The reserve would be an PDR 160 (/Main: 170)
  4. Hi all In short: I have 35 jumps and have an amazing offer for a main canopy, a Silhouette 170 (Wingload would be 1:09 / exit weight is 180lbs) My question: Is the wingload to high for my level? Any thoughts? Silhoutte suggests to be at least advanced for the 170, which I'm not yet, but this offer from a friend of mine comes with a full rig (Mirage G4 container, aad, reserve) for only 2k USD. It's hard to say no... Obviously I need to make a decision in the end, but given that I'm very accurate and comfortable with my landings, when do you think can I jump a 170? Is it worth buying this early? Thanks for your advise!! Marc:)
  5. Hi There:) I did my AFF course (Jump 1-8) in Europe at a Non-USPA dropzone and wondered whether I can continue with my training for a USPA A license (jump 9-25) in the U.S. without having to go through another AFF (by the USPA). If yes, can I somehow transfer my AFF jumps to my USPA logbook once I get a USPA membership or how does that work? Thanks a lot for your time! Regards, Marc