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  1. Hey everyone, I am not sure where to share this so throwing it out here in the BF. Hope some skydivers will come join us! This is an online event only. Tonight at the Virtual Bent Prop Saloon, we will be hosting live music by Hunson Aberdeen, Stratus Mactavish and AM Forte! Some live musicians you do not want to miss! Cindy Guire's photorealistic skydiving paintings are on display and all tips and donations as per our visual Artist's request, will be donated to Jump for the Rose 7pm to 10pm MT/PST Follow this link to join us!…/Skydive%20Arizona/…/16/1 "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  2. HI folks, Not sure where to post this, as it is an internet event, so thought I'd throw it down here and let you folks tell me what to do in the future. I am working on my BFA in Intermedia Studies at ASU and part of my honors thesis project for Barrett College is recreating 32000 sqm, Of Skydive AZ in virtual space. This evening we are hosting some live music at the simulation, 7-10PM PST. If you would like to stop in and check out the build, here is the link..... I will be having live music events and live streaming some events from Skydive Arizona all throughout this season. There is skydiving, basketball and soon corn hole for avatars to enjoy while it is under construction. Cheers! "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  3. Hey folks! If any of you are sitting around on your computers this evening, come join us at the simulation I am constructing in Second Life. I'm replicating 32000 sqm of Skydive Arizona for my Honors thesis project this year. [url][url] Cheers! "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  4. Mcgowan set up the website and it allows sharing of the videos through links as well as the option to download. Cheers! "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  5. I just chose world peace. My experience in life is to trust everyone is to get burned. So I often extend myself in small increments till the person has showed me they are completely trustworthy. on the other hand though just because someone can't be trusted, doesn't mean you can't appreciate many of their other qualities, just means honesty and integrity isn't one of them..
  6. Lil Dave Gershfeld is a good bet too. Another that coaches at ifly as well.
  7. Hiya folks. Myself and a skydiving photographer friend are working on creating a 3D skydiving art gallery. We are looking for skydiving stickers we can use for our beer fridge and plane wreckage. We need permission from the creators and any logo stickers of Dropzones or skydiving groups would be welcome. You just need to forward a high rez image of the sticker or logo to me at [email protected] You can see the first gallery we have set up, if you like, here.... It's free to make an account, a bt frutrating if you aren't computer savvy, but interesting. Cheers! Gen "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  8. lmbo I didn't know Second Life DZ went here. Thought this would be for the real ones. "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  9. Nice going whoever did it. Dropped you some cash. Forgot to grab a chute for my jump, a lil confused. If you need staff Geneveive Silvercloud. LMAO "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  10. "You don't know me I'm an introverted excavator" - Santogold L.E.S. Artistes is the song if you want to check it out. I have always been a huge introvert. Everything I do takes a lot of time and planning and when I hatch my plans I run with them and force my self to be more of an extrovert. It DOES exhaust me. I usually need a few days alone after large social functions or a busy day in the studio. Yes everyone thinks I'm weird, I don't really care, most of the time.
  11. It was number six actually that I loved. That is some serious deconstruction. That stuff tickles me pink. =) "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman
  12. I LOVE that last one! Nice stuff there. "Diligent observation leads to pure abstraction". Lari Pittman