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  1. I want my life to go back to the way it was before 9/26/05.
  2. I have a Dell. I bought it about 2 years ago. Within a week of when I received it (sooner than I expected I might add), the pc became consumed with spyware. I called Dell support on the phone immediatedly and their techs walked me through uninstalling everything they had build and then reinstalling everything. I still have my pc today (of course) and they were so extremely helpful. It was a hugh, time consuming ordeal but their tech stayed with me, talking me through it for hours. I'm happy with my purchase.
  3. I truely hate to see reports like that. I'm a new nursing student in Central Florida and my first 3 clinical days are at a nursing home. I've had both good and bad experiences at a nursing home. The first time I tried nursing school, the nursing home rotation was miserable for me. I just did my first clinical rotation last Tuesday in a nursing home that is nicer than my own home. Matter of fact, I refer to it as a "resort". It doesn't smell, they don't use restraints and their patients are treated with dignity and respect. I wonder if the reason nursing homes exhibit such a slack in what may be considered respectibility or an acceptible standard of living is that there is no requirement that a nursing home be certified by the same accredidation associations as the hospitals have to be to continue to recieve medicare and so forth? The nursing home I'm lucky enough to get to visit for three weeks is accredidated and after seeing the living conditions with my own eyes, I would recommend checking for such credentials before making any decisions. The vast majority are a depressing, smelly, pit stop between here and there.
  4. Most definitely!! I think it may be because I took too long to grow up...wait a minute...I don't wanna grow up
  5. Comin from the SO of a new tandem instructor... It's a great second job but don't quit your day job. It's the the most strict "weather dependant" job he's ever had (and trust me, we've had our bouts with weather dependant jobs). It's great to like to be at work and like the people you're working with but it's been my experience that very few people make it comfortably skydiving for a living.
  6. I have a day, I'm gonna set up procrastinators anonomous (I just haven't got around to it yet).
  7. From my all time favorite episode with Homer and the Guatemalan insanity pepper chili cook off... Sun up, sun down Sun up, sun down....(Sun breaks on the ground)Doh!!!
  8. WOW Dude (Paige sighs in dreamy awe). If you're as cool as you obviously think you are, I mean, someone with your HUMBLE attitude and all, you must be somethin else. I, too, cannot imagine why you've not been invited to any naked pool parties. *** 18. Being asked to get inside a hot tub with Jerry Korshak , two other naked dudes and one girl, who is not single......(I was asked to do so last year.) __________________________________________________ With your attitude, You should be happy to be invited into ANYbody's hot tub.
  9. Dropzone Titantic National Lampoon's Vacation movies but European Vacation is my very favorite Finding Nemo and Pet Cemetery (or any of Steven King's movies, too many to list)
  10. When I did my first tamdem at Skydive City in May of '99, TK showed me the handle and said if I haven't done anything by 5000 feet, pull this. I'm not saying in the 'sensory overload' state that my brain was in at pull time (or for that whole skydive for that matter) on my first tamdem that I would have been able to react but I was shown where the handle was and told what to do. Can't say I've ever heard of a TM passing out though - that would suck.
  11. skybrat68


    WWHHHHAAAAT Who's number 1??????
  12. Bill, I never took you as the quiet type, matter of fact, I'm pretty sure you have something to say about anything and everything (educated of course). BTW, where are you when the shirts go flyin'? Can't say I remember seein you at the bar.
  13. You notice the first character trait I mentioned is OUTSPOKEN right?
  14. Ahhh, a guy with morals. I hate to say this, but you sound like one of those guys that is looking too hard. Have fun dude. Why does showing your tits have to say something about a girls confidence? If it says anything, it says that the girl is confident that her body is good enough to show. Believe me, showing tits has nothing to do with getting a guy. I don't show my tits to get a guy. I show my tits (what little I have) JUST BECAUSE (being a little tipsy don't hurt either ). I've divorced a doormat. Anything you want honey, I'll be home when I get there...that's fine honey..uuuggghhhh!! How is it that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of him?? My perfect guy is outspoken, humorous, intelligent, independent (except for depending on me), has a sense of direction, supportive (in his own way) and funloving (and he has a short fuse but noone's perfect).
  15. ...A couple of years ago, she took too much of a drug called Welbutrin which caused a seizure... That's scary. I'm pretty familiar with Welbutrin. I was first introduced to it when I tried to quite smoking because it is a substitute for Zyban. My son has also taken it for ADHD. I do know that it mentions that it may cause seizures and recommends that if you're susceptible not to take it. Fortunately, it hasn't and didn't effect us that way. I wonder if she has an underlying condition that made her susceptible to seizures anyway.?. I would DEFINITELY go to the dr immediately. Good luck and I hope things don't get worse, which they could if you don't get control of this condition as soon as possible.