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    Selling my gear…just not at the dz no moe and flying planes now. Had container since new, the VK part sail is a mint mint machine, never had a line twist, slow or fast openings, carries from a far spot and swoops like a savage. It’s like got it all …PD all day :D. Got it new also, has under 350 jumps, nice brand new lines (500’s orange vectran). Does have a tail patch professionally done from RDS use. It’s mint. Tempo is older but in good condition and works awesome, saved me twice. Wings boost system installed. Cypress expired. Nice rig, I did put a bunch of jumps on it so not new but always took care of it. Has UPT Louie loops at 23” or 24”,,,can’t remember. UPT semi stowless bag, so nice. A large reserve and you can go small canopy in it, or up to a 150. Overall, a skydivers rig, ready to go, could use new aad though. Used in demos, working, events, etc. I have accessories too like cookie g3, altimeters (audio and visual) camera jacket, bunch of other stuff. pls don’t waste my time or yours, real offers considered.


    Ottawa, Ontario - CA