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  1. So many times he joined us for the Harvest Moon Boogie. My prayers to his daughter and family. Blue Skies Rev.
  2. That jump was from 240 feet... One of a kind...
  3. Happy Birthday here too!!! And yes, it is still from the east coast!
  4. Just FYI... I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Nation Championship Class of 2010, and proud to be a cock! Skymama, wanna celebrate???
  5. interesting fact: You can take all of the letters in the word, "Mother-in-law" and change them around and it will spell... Woman Hitler fact...
  6. It is a new plant. They are filling everything from floor sweepers to engineers... Reports say 1500 employees...but that sounds like a lot to me. Building 787 Dreamliners... 5 right, cut!!!!!!
  7. They are opening a new plant in Charleston, SC and I am looking for some inside help...
  8. Maybe this should be a sticky... *** Then nobody will see it. At the same time, maybe we should move it to SC and have it analyzed for correctness.
  9. Thanks for all the congrats folks...I kinda feel special. Not only did I graduate, but I was quasi hijacked by turtlespeed!!
  10. The stage at the University of South Carolina and receive my Degree in Psychology. 4 years, straight through... I will graduate Magna Cum Laude, and was actually voted "Outstanding Student of the Year, 2010 (for the regional campus). Not to shabby for an old man! At least that is what I think...
  11. I am salivating just to hear the responses...
  12. no line was crossed and I scored, and so can you. If everybody did it, they wouldn't be able to sell such crap and we wouldn't have to buy it as often. Get a backbone people! *** I have a backbone. I also have at least some character and responsibility to society. Your actions are at best disturbing. Taking advantage of a policy in this way is one of the reasons we have problems in the country with costs. At least I know how you feel and think. I have been warned. I thank you for that. I agree, you have class, it is just where that level of class is measured. Sad...
  13. I remeber I did 6 on student status. Got rained out before my first freefall, so had to wait until the next weekend. After that, when I began teaching the JmCC and the ICC, I would do live S/L jumps with the candidates. I used the canopy time to listen to those on the radio. I also had some real fun with those guys and gals!!!!
  14. What guy wouldn't want to be a beaver licker? *** I can't believe you missed this... http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/greaterlouisiana/today/news/strange/article.cox?moduleType=apNews&articleId=D9E9UL484