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  1. Owner found thanks to skydive canyonlands. A guy from NJ. Thanks to all for any effort in this.
  2. Hi Guys! I found a GoPro camera in the back country of Canyonlands Utah while hiking. It was near a back country airstrip called mineral canyon (on final approach) so I thought maybe it fell off a plane, but after getting it home and inspecting the SD card, its full of skydiving videos. The last video added to the card was 10/10 2017, but the fateful fall shows a 2016 stamp, so the date stamps are obviously in error. In any event, the case was yellowed from the sun and im guessing its been out there for quite a while. The diver was flying on a Pac750 owned by Skydance Skydiving, out of California, but Id guess it was leased for an event to "Skydive Canyonlands". Ive been in touch with both companies, and waiting to hear if they come up with anything. The last video showed him preparing outside the jump door on the Pac, then imediately after releasing, it looks like he collided with another jumper, knocking his camera off his helmet. There were a few minutes of free fall, then impact. The camera kept running after hitting the ground and just filmed the sunrise for the next 20 minutes until the battery ran out. I believe the drop zone would have had to be mineral canyon airstrip, as he dropped it very close to the field, so this was probably a special event or charter based on the fairly desolate area. Im at a loss. Ill post what I believe is a picture of the diver (from another video), his rig, and the area I found the camera. I find this pretty fascinating, and id really like to return this to the owner. Maybe you guys can help me find him? There are what I would guess to be some pretty sentimental moments, and if not backed up, may be really nice to get back. Let me know if I can add anything helpful.