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  1. CloudBreak Boogie 2022 Rego is now open. Mana Island, Fiji (29 August – 7 September 2022) We’re booking the whole island for 10 days of non-stop skydiving! • Warm weather and picturesque tropical scenery • 2 x Super Caravans • World class load organisers, including AirWax! • All disciplines: Freefly, Flatfly, Wingsuiting • Jumps onto a tropical sand cay! • Nightly day tape. Make a holiday of it, bring your family and friends. Go scuba diving or snorkelling. Experience the warm Fijian weather and hospitality. All inclusive packages. Jumps, accommodation and meals included. More info on here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AklY-Nvbq5kg52ToIsJcN2L4ujMP?e=DxqQlc And link to register: sydneyskydivers.rezdy.com/485355/cloud-break-boogie-2022-registration