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  1. I've got a very bad shoulder, I've already had multiple surgeries but my rotator cuff is so damaged my arm will just pop out. It wasn't a problem when I did my AFF license amazingly but the inevitable happened. On a local boogie I was under canopy coming in downwind and pulled on my riser and my shoulder popped right out. Crash landed, wasn't seriously injured but my skydiving career was seemingly over. But I've read of other jumpers with shoulder injuries who have been able to land using one arm to control both risers, which seems crazy to me. So my question is, is there any device or something I could use to get flying again? I need long risers to keep my shoulder in the 'safe zone' but it would be impossible to flare then I'd think. My problem isn't in freefall, it's the upward resistance of pulling on the riser under canopy that just yanks my arm out. I want to skydive again so badly its seriously bummed me out mentally.