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Gear Reviews posted by sid

  1. The new Optima from L&B is an amazingly veratile tool for all levels of skydiving activity. With three banks of freefall audible warnings and Low Speed Canopy warnings, this device can be used in any discipline.

    I set one bank for tandems (5,500 ft, 4,500 ft and a hard deck) then one for regular freefall functions. I use the canopy alarms for tandem jumping, with the 1st set at 1,000 ft to remind me to stop talking to the student and concentrate on landing a 700 ft warning to ensure I'm setting up properly and a 300 ft warning which means "Please take your hands out of the toggles now". ALthough the canopy mode was primarily itended for swoopers, it works well for me as an instructor too.
    The only "nitpick" is that the user interface can be a little confusing at first.... however when you're trying to jam that many functions in a device and control it all with a couple of buttons I'm not sure how else you'd do it!
    Another great product from L & B!!!!!!!!