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    EG Suits FF Pants.

    I would suggest washing them in cold water and by hand, but if you do that AND they still shrink I ain't buying you a new pair......... DEFINITELY don't put them in a tumble drier (and that's nothing against EG products which I believe are excellent, but if something is gonna shrink a drier will make it really shrink)
  2. sid

    Post your handcam setup

    I use a Sony HC21, in a Skydiving Services Glove with a Royal 2.0 lens. I'm happy with everything but the stills that I pull...... I have about 300 jumps with this set up......
  3. sid

    Altico Dolphin label?

    I think it's on the reserve riser
  4. sid

    Firebolt: A good first purchase?

    DISCLOSURE: I work for the manufacturer of that equipment I jump a Firebolt sport main and a Firebolt tandem main and I don't think you'll have any issues with it as long as you respect the equipment. The Firebolt is very capable of flying sedately and calmly, but it is capable of some more exciting performance when heavily loaded. I weigh 170 lb and jump a 164 and I can float it back from a long spot and get excellent landing flare. Just my $0.02c
  5. sid

    Packing question

    This is a technique that some people use to avoid having the steering lines come around the front end and possibly create a line over. I know a few people that do this. I have packed thousands of parachutes and never done it, so consider it a "variation" on the pro-pack technique (if that's the right word) and optional. As long as you manage your lines carefully it's not "required" rather "optional"
  6. We got some walkie talkies (good ones) from Radio Shack and I made pouches that slide over the chest strap. Trust me, you could hard wire the signal into some student's brains but they "won't hear the radio" if they don't listen no matter where it is.........
  7. this one's pretty good of course it's bookmarked to Syracuse there but you can back out of it
  8. sid

    packing question

    on most harness container systems the bag is designed to "rotate out" of the main container as part of the deployment sequence. When you deploy you are starting a sequence of events designed to slow you down dramatically and without bodily injury. Part of that is the rotation of the bag out of the container (if you look at the bottom of the container you will see that it is "boxed" or sewn to create a place for the main bag to rest). edited to add ('cause I really wasn't fully awake) - this feature is also a safety function. Should the main pin become dislodged the bag "should" require positive force from the pilot chute in order to leave the container (helping to minimize a nasty malfunction). Hope this helps....
  9. sid

    Tandem M.S.W.s

    okay - I've only had 2 cups of coffee so acronyms aren't my strong point this early, what's M.S.W.?
  10. sid

    Bar Tack Question

    they look okay to me, as long as they trap both sections of the line (the part inside and the outer sleeve) they should be fine........
  11. That just looks like some nylon (maybe Type 4) sewn loosely around the links (usually around rapide links) to protect both the grommet from the link and vice versa. Less bulky than plastic tubing links and demanding less space against the riser covers when the rig is packed.
  12. No, I think that's classified as a "nice opening"
  13. pull the main out, ship the rig to me in New York, I'll inspect and repack it and ship it back to ya! I charge $50 for a repack, but I'll let you deduct the 2 way shipping costs.....
  14. sid

    PROTEC helmets

    here ya go
  15. sid


    yes! It's useful in certain conditions but it's not infallible, it won't make you live forever, it is not the holy grail and it should not be the overiding decision on whether you jump a certain rig or even whether you jump or not. It has been seen to fail, it is open to being installed incorrectly in the field.... etc etc. etc.
  16. sid

    Riggers, where do you get...?

    some that are rig-specific (like the wings) you almost have to get from the rig manufacturer but for everything else I get them from Jump Shack (disclaimer - I work there sometimes too but when I rig in the field or the loft I get them from here). They are high quality, heavy duty spandex, bound with binding tape and about $15
  17. sid

    Thought Y'all would want to know

    keep telling people, I'll buy from them for that!! (oh, and welcome home)
  18. dig a little through this site you may find some interesting material and some links.....
  19. sid

    Weight limit for Tandem harness

    I think you'll find the weight limit for a tandem is dictated by the reserve, not the harness........ call Mark at RWS and check though, I've been known to be wrong
  20. sid

    First Sabre spanking

    don't bank on it my old Sabre 1 would beat me down at random....... I think just because it could.
  21. sid

    Riggers gear bag suggestion

    nice find. I use a Craftsman "Contractor's Briefcase" from Sears. It was about the same price (maybe $10 cheaper) and has all the space I need plus you can throw the thing over one shoulder if you need to....... good job.........FfG
  22. the flak you're taking is from idiots with their heads up their asses! A well packed Javelin is as safe as any other rig on the market. Some would even tell you that the fewer flaps covering the reserve pilot chute the quicker the reserve deployment (which can come in handy and may account for why I only jump Racer). It's all in the rigging, a badly packed Vector with the pilot chute fully covered by a bunch'o'flaps is less safe than a well packed Javelin (check out the vector "failing" on skydiving due to shitty rigging). I'd just tell the idiots to shut their pie-holes while you jump your rig............
  23. sid

    Buying a Hand Cam Glove try here
  24. sid


    The new Optima from L&B is an amazingly veratile tool for all levels of skydiving activity. With three banks of freefall audible warnings and Low Speed Canopy warnings, this device can be used in any discipline. I set one bank for tandems (5,500 ft, 4,500 ft and a hard deck) then one for regular freefall functions. I use the canopy alarms for tandem jumping, with the 1st set at 1,000 ft to remind me to stop talking to the student and concentrate on landing a 700 ft warning to ensure I'm setting up properly and a 300 ft warning which means "Please take your hands out of the toggles now". ALthough the canopy mode was primarily itended for swoopers, it works well for me as an instructor too. The only "nitpick" is that the user interface can be a little confusing at first.... however when you're trying to jam that many functions in a device and control it all with a couple of buttons I'm not sure how else you'd do it! Another great product from L & B!!!!!!!!