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  1. Absolutely no need to chop that... 360 line twist?? imo it was a nice long snivel, better that then a hard or instant any day of the week. strange
  2. I recently heard a first hand story (story teller was on-site during the incident) of someone going in on a naked jump at an unspecified DZ in Florida or Georgia sometime in the last few years I believe. A married couple was on this naked group jump, husband goes in... was during a boogie if i recall the story correctly, mid-day everyone in all of their glory. I cant remember if they said nothing out, PC in tow, or reserve not yet fully deployed... impacted at extremely high speed. Wife had to be distracted and forced to put clothes on, according to story she was aware of it on landing or shortly after and was freaking out, understandably. Jumpers had to “wrangle her” and get clothes on her. Other jumpers apparently told police they “cut off his clothes not knowing what to do while administering first aid”.. I guess afraid to get in trouble for the nudity?? Not sure. I can not confirm if this is true, but it seemed like a legit story from a level-headed well known individual, im a poor listener unfortunately. There are others who know of this story I am sure. God bless the deceased, my thoughts are with them and their family. BSBD