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  1. Ted, my brother from the sky. You are most dearly missed by everyone. I hope you are well in the eternal big blue sky. I think about you often and wish I could have one last hug. I am so thankful to have know you the time I did. I couldn't ask for a more genuine friend than you. I'm sure you don't miss me waking you up on the weekend mornings by calling your cell phone, whining that you weren't at the DZ to jump with me yet.
    In your honor, my friend, Lori and I came together to make a memorial sticker for your friends to remember you by. The stickers are rad and you would even rock one on your helmet if you were still around!
    If anyone is interested in a sticker or 5 in our friends' memory, please email me and I will put you in touch to see that you get some. I am not sure how much they cost, but I think Lori may be donating the profits to Life Connection of Ohio a local chapter of Donate Life, a non-profit organization for organ donation.

    i miss you ted

  2. Is there a place where we can all upload our photos of deuce to remember him? I'm sure his family would appreciate it.

    jp was my like my 2nd dad, but skydiving/boogie style dad. he always looked out for me and was awesome to hang out with and jump with.

    he will be forever remembered and missed.

    fly free with all our angels who left before us babe.

  3. can't you get the butchers to write some kind of proposal up? or brian smith... he did it at osu and offered to help paige and i at ou.
    you might even want to contact pagie, she had to go through all that same BS at ou to get ours started up. you shoulda just stayed there and continued the ou tradition, no one will after justi leaves in may!

  4. Since I just moved to Coloradro very recently, I had to ask...
    I just got done searching and reading posts about different Colorado DZ's.
    I'm trying to figure out which DZ is the best and closest to where I live (englewood). It seems that there are a TON of differing oppinions on the subject. I just want to get the most updated views since there have probably been changes in management and new openings/closings of DZ's since the posts I was reading were all at least a year old, but most older.
    By the way, im a free flyer that ocasionally gets on a belly jump for shits and giggles.

    thanks ahead of time for your thoughts!

  5. I am still in total shock and at a loss for words. I can't believe it happened to our very own Shannon[:/]

    I have only known her for a few years, but she has touched my life in many ways. She was always there for me when I was down or needed advise. Always willing to lend a smile. I feel VERY fortunate to have met, jumped and partied with Shannon. She was at almost every single boogie I was at since I started jumping. We shared a passion for traveling and meeting new friends.

    I'll never forget at the Dublin Boogie 2005, we spotted a dollar lying on the ground at the same time. We decided to rip it in half to be fair. We said that we would each keep our halves forever. I kept mine in a special pocket in my wallet and she kept hers in her jumpsuit pocket. I will forever keep mine and be glad to have that piece of her with me at all times. I find comfort in knowing that she still has her half too.

    I'm trying to smile through the tears and remember the MANY good times we had together. She will not be forgotten.

    My most sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Shannon's family, friends and fiance.

    rest in peace and fly free with the angels sweetie... i'll see you when i get there. tell egon i said hi. i love you shannon.