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  1. You have nailed Paul to a T. :) He will be very missed by a lot of people. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  2. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2008/10/20/20081020skydive1020.html Very cool to see arsenal make the good type of news and good luck to everyone competing!!! If you want to read some entertaining 2 cents worth read the comments at the bottom. Some people must hate their lives. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  3. Went and visited her tree at Royal Palms last weekend. It was nice to hear that they are still talking about her and even the new employees there have heard about Holly Kish. I met her manager and he had nothing but nice things to say. Of course!!! We all miss her, but I can't imagine what her family is probably still going through. She's a wonderful person and I miss her terribly. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  4. Actually I heard it in a joke. What are the two sexiest farm animals? Brown Chicken Brown Cow. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  5. I did a search and found this on myspace. http://vidsearch.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=21471522 What a horrible accident, he seems like he was a wonderful person. The news said that the guy who hit them has two previous murder convictions that he got out of. There is a special hell for people like that.... take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  6. I'm glad to hear that there it is going to be how he wanted, I will definitley want to be part of that ash dive when it happens. I remember talking to him in the bar quite in depth last year on New Years Eve, he showed a whole other side that I hadn't seen. What a gentle and kind soul. RIP Tom, I will miss the hugs and your ever glowing smile and kindness. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  7. I actually follow that diet and I feel great. I don't feel tired or worn down and I have been sleeping really well since I started it. (3 Months ago). Although being a vegetarian makes it hard to eat out places that my husband likes to eat out at.... take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  8. Those in need: 12/18 Arriving (AJWILSON) 12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24 12/25 Arriving US Airways flight #351,11:38AM (GeorgeRussia) - Missmae picking up.
  9. MissMae


    High: Chicks Rock boogie in 2 weeks!!! Low: Hubby is having to deal with ex wife and communication issues over his kids. take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  10. My father adopted me when I was 5 (my biological father and my mother separated when I was just under a year old) and took on his 2nd family after raising his first with his first wife. He always was my "dad" and raised me as though I was his own, from day one. I know some fathers who weren't very good at that with their real children and my dad was always there for me. He supported me with everything (well almost everything), and became open minded enough to realize that we were so far apart in age that I wasn't the typical girl who had the "born in the 50's mentality". Probably because I was born in the 70's and more of a tomboy than his first daughter. But even through our diffrences he has always loved me and supported me unconditionally like a parent does. I thank him for being there for me, and being a wonderful father for me to be able to talk to, joke with, and even have discussions with. He always has accepted me for me and loved me regardless. Thanks Dad! take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  11. I am going to be jumping over the weekend and get to hang with my close friends who mean the world to me.
  12. 04 GSXR 600. I like it because you don't see that color around AZ much.
  13. I think I was about 13 or so, and had that "teenager attitude", and was getting snotty with my mom during dinner with my brother, mother, and father, and myself sitting at the table and she was like "put some sugar in your voice", and before I could even think of what to say my brother (who was like 6 at the time) said "she can't put sugar in there mom, it will rot her teeth", Ha! out of the mouths of babes. She used to tell them how sugar would rot their teeth when they asked for sweets all the time.
  14. Those in need 12/24 6pm PHX skreamer & Rob S 12/26 6:15pm PHX Vdschoor Those who can do a good deed Any day but 12/23 daytime- Skykittykat 12/28-Gia (also 12/26-1/1 if you're really desperate) 12/21 from Perris area- torchbat11 12/28 - 1/1 from Tustin, CA. - Orchid 12/26 ABQ -> Eloy AND 12/29 Eloy -> ABQ shall555 May be available from TUS: Remster (lives in TUS) Rides from Tuc or skyharbor if no one else speaks up-jumper03 Any day (P/U from Skyharbor) - Missmae May be available from TUS: BenForde (lives in TUCSON) 12/27- arriving in phoenix around 10:00AM, should have room for one more in the car take the time to appreciate the people around you.
  15. Whoohoo JT!!! I cant wait to see you and we can try that train thing again......... take the time to appreciate the people around you.