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  1. In addition to waterboarding, I think a terrorist should get a tattoo, right under their armpit on their ribs, of a pig wrapped in a blanket of the American flag, that will make those pieces of crap talk!!
  2. Mine is still down 2 days later, wtf?
  3. Is there any jumpers posting here working/stationed in southern Afghanistan? PM me and maybe we can grab a coffee at the Green Bean :)
  4. Bwhahaha, I'm reading this post while I'm feeding my addiction to Old Dutch, Dutch Crunch Salt & Vinegar chips, mmmmmmm
  5. I think we will be in Durban from Dec. 24th-27th so I hope to skydive or surf with some .commers!! Let me know if you will be in the area then! Jill
  6. Thanks for the info!!! How is the beginner surfing there (in Durban) during that time? I have always wanted to learn and this trip seems like a great excuse!
  7. My family (4 jumpers) and I will be in South Africa from December 17th-27th and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of DZs to jump at. Thanks for any help!!
  8. I will be in Egypt December 19th-29th and was wondering if anyone jumps or has jumped there. Thanks for your help!
  9. I sent my rig to an independent rigger at Skydive Arizona for a repack in the middle of April and knew that he had received it. Now I can't get a hold of him and have tried multiple times with the where abouts of my rig. I haven't a clue where my rig is and wonder who else I should contact in regards to receiving my rig. Thanks for any help I can get!! Jill
  10. If we get to Amsterdam without any plans, would that be a bad decision to just hop a train as to not having a particular place to sleep?
  11. What about $? Should we take dollars to exchange or try and mostly use credit cards?
  12. Moose's Tooth, Anchorage, AK Chicken Cordon Bleu, best Pizza Ever!!!!
  13. My sister and I are leaving on the 14th to go see my dad in Afghanistan. But before that, he has us flying to Amsterdam, getting there the 15th and not leaving there until th 24th to continue onto Dubai and then to Afghanistan. My question is, which cities/countries do you suggest visiting between the 15th-24th? We were thinking about taking the train to Italy and/or France, would that be too long of a trip on so few days? Thanks to all for your advice!
  14. BM has been my bro's passion for quite a while so congrats on the suit!!