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  1. That sounds probably like the one good way to do that, but I'm just wondering how I would do it while staying more with that sort of skirt feel to it lol
  2. Yeah, that does make sense. I was just wondering if there was ever a way I could do that or something similar to it. Thanks!
  3. Huh, that does make sense for skydiving, definitely. Do you think a safer option would be in a wind tunnel or even trying wingwalking? Thanks!
  4. Hey, so here's the thing. I really love wearing dresses and skirts. I just kind of do. But I also want to try either skydiving (most likely in a tunnel, I'm not sure I have the courage to actually skydive lol) or wingwalking, mainly wingwalking because that's slightly less terrifying Granted, Im probably too young to do any of this now, but does anyone know whether or not I will be able to wingwalk or skydive while wearing a dress or a skirt? I've just been thinking about that for a while and I was wondering if I could really do that. Ok, so a little after typing this, I've seen videos of people skydiving AND wingwalking in full wedding dresses, and to kind of clarify, though it would be fun, it's not quite what I want. I mean just any kind of dress or skirt really
  5. Oh wow really? I mean its not like I could really get in one anyways because I dont have one near me and I dont know how I could get in one even if I did lol
  6. Cool!!! I dont know where exactly that is and I also dont really have a wingsuit lol
  7. I'm 14 and I've never really skydived before, but I've done the indoor wind tunnel skydiving and that was kinda fun! I'm not really sure I'll ever go real skydiving but I'll probably do wind tunnel skydiving once or twice more sometime in my life lol
  8. first off, just letting you know, I'm fairly young (14) so I haven't been actual skydiving before, but I have done the wind tunnel skydiving before and that was pretty fun. I'm kinda scared to actually skydive because of the heights and some other stuff so I might stick to wind tunnels tbh Either way, has anyone been in or does anyone, like me, want to go in one of those horizontal wind tunnels that they use to test planes and cars and do something like this? I just think trying to stand with that kinda wind going against me would be pretty fun lol also (I hope I'm not the only one who wants to do this) I kinda wanna try doing both kinds of wind tunnels in a really flowy skirt/dress that moves around a lot in the wind or a big poofy ball gown cuz I think both of those would be really fun experiments to try in wind tunnels lol