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  1. Random this resurfaced! I went last April and had a blast- went to Kauai and ouir time was very filled with lots of great things to do for the one week we were there. FOr whoever else looking, I am sure that anywhere in Hawaii is great, it is just such a beautiful place!! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  2. BSBD Ted. Last fall, Ted joined me, Alana and Laurie on a roadtrip to Tecumseh. We spent a lot of time talking and I became very fond of him. Although some of his views were definitely stubborn, he was a very intellingent and nice guy who will be missed. Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  3. That happened to me too! However, I did not really aknowlege it as hurting too much and kinda forgot about it... I woke up the next day and say my eye was all red and swollen shut, so I thought I had conjunctivitis and did not go to work. I met my boyfriend for lunch that day and while sitting across the table from him, the realization came to mind. I said, "I dont have conjuctivitis, you shot me in the eye last night!!" Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  4. I will be done with my masters on March 28th!! I am so excited to be done, however, school is addicting... at some point I would love to go back for my PHd or law school.... You still have some time in life.... dont give up on your masters yet! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  5. so you are back in Columbus?!? Geez, I can never keep track of you anymore! Call me if you want me to come My zipcode is 43230, so I guess we're not too far apart! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  6. I did not see heights when I clicked other. Aside from heights, I am absolutely petrified of CENTIPEDES!!! Eww, way too many legs running way too fast. Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  7. THAT is exactly why I am manipulating my pills so that I am not having that problem when I go to Hawaii (well maybe that and a few other reasons, but that really is one of them ) Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  8. OK, I did not see the response above mine and I did not know this person now has a customized license plate, but it is Justi's! (she goes to Ohio Univiersity, which is where I thought the pics were b/c of the brick roads!) Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  9. I think I may know the answer since I am from Ohio, I know someone that drives a grand am and there are brick roads in the background... Was the picture, by chance, taken in Athens, Ohio?!? Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  10. That is AWESOME Cora, congrats! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  11. I would be sad if I did not have NBC, that is my favorite channel. I do not watch cable at all unless I am at someone else's house. And I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  12. It is weird- I know a lot of people that have done pretty much everything, but I do not know anyone that has done Meth. Is it more common in some parts of the US vs. others?? I know ppl that do/have done acid, crack, heroin, coke, ex, etc. BUT not Meth! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  13. I GUESS it is better SAFE than SORRY but it is also a waste of our time to get all worked up when the likelihood of this happening is not very likely... Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  14. Hope you get better soon too!! Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~
  15. I hate the cold and snow- (as I am sitting here at home with the flu) Blue skies and SAFE landings! ~Amanda~