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  1. Thats awesome man! I will look them up. I think the more vets we can help the better. I got tired of seeing my bros kill themselves so I started to think of what I use as tools for happiness and then dedicated my life to sharing the information with others.
  2. What's up everyone?! I am pumped to be here and learn from all of you. I am 31 years old, spent some time in the Army as a paratrooper (static line jumps), and now I am involved with several non profits that work to provide veterans the resources to live a better life. A friend of mine here in Maine runs a program called windy warrior therapy where we take vets out skydiving tandem. It is a remarkable experience and program. When I saw the impact and potential of being able to take these guys on a jump, I signed up for a package of training/jumping/and class A certification to be able to help with the program. I look forward to learning from all of you. CHEERS!