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  1. Hey Oscar, thanks for the advice. I did get it set back to 0. The bezel rotates easier now that I have got it moving for the first time.
  2. I contacted them, they said the bezel turns really hard, and they were right! I'm not the strongest but I'm not the weakest either lol and I had all I could do to turn that thing. I think that some people will have to resort to using pliers.
  3. Any idea how to reset this? There is no information online on how to and the bezel will not rotate at all. (That is one thing I already tried).
  4. Hey everyone, I just bought a Parasport AERONAUT ALTIMETER and it is reading 11k out of the box. I don't understand why it would say that elevation in my house. Do I have to do something to it? It's an analog altimeter so I don't think it takes batteries... it came with no paperwork so I really could use some help. Is it normal for altimeters to read high altitudes on the ground?? It doesn't make any sense to me.
  5. Thats awesome man! I will look them up. I think the more vets we can help the better. I got tired of seeing my bros kill themselves so I started to think of what I use as tools for happiness and then dedicated my life to sharing the information with others.
  6. What's up everyone?! I am pumped to be here and learn from all of you. I am 31 years old, spent some time in the Army as a paratrooper (static line jumps), and now I am involved with several non profits that work to provide veterans the resources to live a better life. A friend of mine here in Maine runs a program called windy warrior therapy where we take vets out skydiving tandem. It is a remarkable experience and program. When I saw the impact and potential of being able to take these guys on a jump, I signed up for a package of training/jumping/and class A certification to be able to help with the program. I look forward to learning from all of you. CHEERS!