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  1. Way past that point girl. LOL. Metal holds half of me together
  2. On October 5, 2012, the Swiss Marc Hauser set a first world record in speed tracking, a discipline he founded.[2] The measured ground speed was 188.9 mph (304 km/h) over the dropzone of Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain.[3] Only a specially adapted skydiving suit was used (no wingsuit, tracking suit, nor additional weights were used).[4] Safety[edit] Even though inexperienced jumpers often take part on tracking dives, the risks of such dives should not be underestimated. An efficient track can reach horizontal speeds of nearly 100 mph (one experienced diver was witnessed to keep pace with a twin-engine plane as it took off from DeLand Municipal Airport in 1995 thus registering his speed in excess of 115mph). Collisions with other groups or with members of one's own group would result in serious injury or death. For this reason the number of inexperienced jumpers on a tracking dive should be limited by the organizer.
  3. Read all the books. "Will" by Gordon Liddy was the best. Damn I'm gettin old.
  4. teri drao

    gettin old

    My bucket list. BASE. Did bridge day many moons ago. Cave of Swallows and Angel Falls. Tom still doin it? Anybody? Any help appreciated. Have money. Will pay.
  5. Watching Dragon come home on Nasa live. Anybody has or have jumped this? Hi-5 Military Ram Air Parachute | Airborne Systems (airborne-sys.com)