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  1. Hi everyone .Like many of us i have always been fascinated with the DB Cooper Case and unsolved mysteries in general.I have some leading questions regarding the DB cooper jump.I know very little about skydiving but have a decent IQ which means hopefully with some expertise from the forum members perhaps something conclusive could be learned.I am sorry our British ahem "documentary" on DB wasnt up to the mark.I know enough about television shows to know that things happen behind the scenes for reasons that may never occur to most folks and the producers often misrepresent their intentions(or change them midway) to get what they want...We have a saying here - "television will chew you up and spit you out" Anyway greetings to all and errr here we go.Please remember all equipment only available in 71 no modern equipment- 1/what would be a typical jump - land time -10,000 feet to ground? 2/If DB jumped wearing only a suit or a suit and thermal underwear would he have survived the drop or succumbed to hypothermia? 3/Are there some item(s) that could be carried in a large plastic carrier bag (DB had a carrier bag with him) that could have help protect him from the outside temperatures/wind chill that an experienced skydiver would use. 4/ Could DB (using equipment available to him at the time) "guide" his parachute to a clear area and would he even be able to see anything at night? How do experienced parachutists cope with such difficulties? 5/Is there a risk of "blackout" during the jump-if so large or small? 6/Looking on google maps there is a tremendous number of forestry roads/paths near the jump zone.was there equipment available at that time that would enable him to reveal his location to someone on the ground assuming he made it? Is it really feasible that he could "walk out of the woods" after that jump? 7/If you land in a tree is it possible to get out or is it generally like in the movies-broken limbs,hanging upside down while trying to cut free with a trusty pocket knife!! 8/finally if you are a skydiver and i offered you 200k (at todays value) with the same equipment to make that jump under the same conditions would you do it??This may tell us more than anything... Thanks to all of you-Nick