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  1. Thanks ! i'll contact them. An sure, langage barrier is always a pain in the ***
  2. I read this thread already, it's all about the small door, the low tail and the wing close to the exit. This should not be a problem for us, we are only doing tandems without photographers
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply, Why do you have bad experience with navajo as skydivers ? Too noisy, small exit door ? I'm surprised about the lack of available parts for maintance, thy are plenty of navajo available on the market. We are strugeling to find out an available aicraft type who match our requirements, 4 to 5 tandems but without turbine engine, I'm open to all suggestions. Also can you give a contact in your local DZ where thy operate the navajos ? Hopefully they will be able to give me technicals informations and STC number for skydiving modifications. Stephane
  4. Hi, I'm a jump pilot, actually with a PA-32. My home base is in the south west of France LFBZ, DZ#376. Whe are looking for a bigger airplane, but we can't use turbine engine.. The landing zone 2 nm south of the airfield, and by the time they get back to the the airfield, I have to shut down the engine. We can't shut down a turbine 15 time a day... So, after some brainstorming, a PA31 Chieftain match all our requirements. Its a well known workhorse, it's cheap (compare to C208) and she can take 5 tandems with 2 loads of fuel. Actually in europe there isn't any pa31 equiped for skydiving and we need to do all the paperwork with the EASA to get an STC. Actually I'm looking for : - a copy of the POH for a PA31-350 or at least the pages with the limitation for a flight without the rear door - a contact for a compagny who can provide me a conversion kit (roller door etc) I've search everywhere, I can get thoses informations easily for a C208 but nothing for a PA-31 ;-( Thank you for your help Stephane