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  1. Thank you, yes, I was able to get the plastic (Delrin) cam for a 308 stitch.
  2. Thanks for the offer of help. I was able to resolve my problem. I just adjusted the timing of the cam so that nothing was moving while the needle was down. However now I'm looking for the 2 step zigzag cam for this machine. Does anyone have one, know where I can get one or have a detailed drawing so that I can get one made? The Bernina part number is 310.155.03. It will have 310155 or just 155 stamped on it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I just bought a Bernina 217 that has very little use but was never oiled. The decorative attachment cam was not rotating and this was because the grub screws holding the gear to the attachment drive shaft inside the body of the machine were lose. I tightend them and oiled the machine and it all goes round and round. However, when I switch on the decorative attachment it locks up (all turned by hand). I think I need to correctly set the timing of this shaft to the rest of the machine. I cannot find a manual with this attachment. I found a 217N manual but it has a different cam box. Mine is on the attached pic. Can anyone explain this set up or point me to a manual that explains it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Could you please repost. The link has expired and I would like to have these pictures.
  5. We found a fast and simple software utility to join clips. I'll get the name of it and let you know.
  6. IMO the AC Ryan 'Play onHD' is the way to go. The World Team Camera Crew showcased the device at the Jump for the Cause Event last year and received excellent feedback from the coaches / organizers. We then used it exclusively for Kaleidoscope 2009 and it worked flawlessly, including the day that five of us filmed ten 100 ways. We copied (and sensibly renamed) the raw files from a combination of CX100’s CX105’s and a TG1 on to USB thumb drives that the organizers used in exactly the same way that VHS and DVD were used. Here are some of the key features: • Up to 1080p capable. It will play footage that was recorded in HD on a standard TV doing all the down-conversion automatically. • HDMI, Component and Composite video. Analog, digital co-ax and optical audio •It has a card reader built in (SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/MS Pro) and two USB slots into which you can plug card readers, hard disks, thumb drives, etc. • PAL / NTSC conversion automatic • Remote control with a very similar look and feel to a VCR or DVD remote • Play, FFW, REV, Stop, Pause, Still advance, etc. • Slow Motion, Zoom and Pan: You can pan around an image while it is zoomed-in, paused, playing full speed or in slow motion or any other combination of these controls you wish. It comes with or without an internal hard drive (you can fit a SATA drive yourself) and there is an optional Wireless-N USB dongle available. The 10/100 Ethernet port allows you to browse a network and the unit appears as a NAS drive to other computers on the network if you have a hard disk fitted to it. I used it at a Perris 16 way meet recently. With minimal training from me, the camera team copied their footage from CX100’s onto the internal hard disk and renamed the copied files to indicate their team, jump number etc. using the remote control. In other words the AC-Ryan took the place of a DVD recorder to provide HD footage as a stand alone device – no computer required. Again, the coaches, judges and participants loved it. When one of the team inadvertently recorded to the cameras internal memory instead of the removable card, we discovered that you can connect a CX100 directly via one of the USB ports and read / play / copy files directly from the internal memory. There are many other features and capabilities but this post is already getting too long! Check out their website World team now owns seven units and we are continuing to refine and automate the workflow for Big Way debriefing. I also think it is also a good device for 4/8/16 way and I will be filming my 4-way team in HD next year. Each team member will have the choice to go home with an AVCHD DVD or a standard DVD.
  7. Does anyone know of someone who is ready and willing to do an AFF course at Perris from December 28th 2009 (Next Monday) through January 1st 2010 with Jay Stokes? I would appreciate a definitive response today please: [email protected]
  8. I've been using Camera Armor for my 20D and 5D for about a year. It works very well which is clear when you compare the condition of my two 20D's. One was used for a year without it and the other has always had it on. The flash works fine on the 20D's. It does tend to trap grit in places and it tends to move so that the buttons missalign but neither of these things has caused a big problem for me.
  9. My helmet is at the dz - I'm not - If I remember I'll take a picture. It is plenty strong enough. I use it with a D-Box and a TRV70. I inverted the normal mounting method and put the channel piece on the box and the wedge piece on the helmet. This gives it a very low profile when not in use. The thumb screw is inside the D-Box and goes vertically through both pieces - this adds to the strength, but you might say it works a little against the "quick release" nature of such a mount.
  10. I made one from Delrin (Glass reinforced polycarbonate) You can make it to closer tolerances and not worry about slop or binding - it's lighter - it doesn't need anodising - it comes in black I used threaded holes in both parts and a thumbscrew. I would be interested
  11. lol - ltdiver - the tail is me... and I do :-)
  12. Look here on page 101. Also on page 84, 2nd bullet it tells you about metering in One Shot AF mode.
  13. I use the 20D and 5D not the 50D so I can't give you a step by step on the controls. It is possible to set the camera to over or under expose. It's called "Exposure Compensation" Look up how to adjust this and you'll see how to turn it off. Another possible issue is that if you have the camera set to "one shot" focus (and AF of course) and you use Evaluative Metering (the default) the camera will set the exposure to the first shot in a burst (as well as the focus). This is a problem if, for example, you take a burst of shots while exiting a tailgate aircraft. Your first shot will expose for inside the plane and the rest will be progressively more over exposed. Solve this by using any other metering mode. Hope this helps.
  14. Has anyone set up a PC based debriefing system with a remote control that allows pause, and slow-mo? What’s the spec.? What method do you use to capture the footage? How well does it work?